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Investments in Forex and PAMM investments with LiteForex

Forex investment is the most risky one, but not with the LiteForex. Invest money in our PAMM system, gain profit and keep your funds safe.

You can get up to 700% annually by investing in PAMM projects

I want to invest

for the period of 3 2-4months

  • 1 mon.
  • 3
  • 6
  • 12 mon.

in the manager

Manager’s profitability**

* Minimum deposit is the minimum amount to be paid into the Manager’s PAMM account as stated by the Manager.

** Manager’s profitability is an average value of profitability per month

Monitoring accounts PAMM

Bank deposit

PAMM account

in the PAMM account
Bank interest payments
Your investments
Your profit in the PAMM account

How the PAMM system works

Managers create PAMM
Managers create PAMM projects, set a percentage of investors’ profit, make deposits and start to work in their PAMM accounts.
Investor chooses PAMM
An investor chooses one or several managers according to their profitability, trading stability and a percentage of profit charged for funds management.
Example of Investor choice
For example, an investor choose one of managers and invested $6 000 in his PAMM project.
Managaer trades
The manager reached the profitability of 50%, increasing the investor’s funds half as much again.
Rollover process
The manager can settle accounts with his investors, after which he gets his remuneration and the investor gets his profit (see point 1).
More about PAMM accounts
Funds withdrawal
The investor may withdraw his funds at any time without any penalties or early withdrawal fees, which automatically settles accounts with the manager in case there is a profit in the account. The funds available after the withdrawal will be used for further trading.

Funds withdrawal

Advantages of LiteForex PAMM

Functional ranking where accounts are ordered by their lifetime, profitability, managed capital, and so on.
Regularly updated online review of managers’ accounts providing correct statistic data necessary to analyze and understand the principles of the manager’s work.
Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time.
No fees for early withdrawal of funds.
Rollover is used only to settle accounts between the parties: the manager, investors and partners.
All processes are automated and don’t require monitoring: the manager’s account balance does not change because of non-trading operations; accordingly, the manager does not have to adjust the volumes of positions; everything is adjusted automatically.
Safety of usage and transparency of the system
All the investors’ funds are kept only in their accounts and only the investors can access their accounts.
The investors’ funds are not deposited in the manager’s account.
The Manager conducts trading activity in the Manager’s trading account. The transactions executed in the Manager’s account are reproduced in all accounts attached to the PAMM project, including the Manager’s investment account.
The investor can predetermine the maximum drawdown level and the profit amount. As soon as these parameters are reached, the investment will be withdrawn.
Profit potential
Huge potential for profit
The possibility to invest in several PAMM accounts makes it possible to differentiate risks, make the most of profit from investments and decrease eventual financial losses.
The system allows traders to make fast investments and withdrawals; the convenient review of accounts will help choose the most suitable projects. Moreover, the investor does not depend on the manager’s decision on whether or not to accept investments at the moment.

Become an investor

I looked through LiteForex’s PAMM accounts the other day and understood that there are lots of high-class PAMM managers at LiteForex. I tried to invest in this system and quickly realized that it’s a fast and secure way to increase my investments.
George Thompson

George Thompson

United Kingdom

It’s hard not to invest in LiteForex when you can enjoy high profits from your investment and a high quality assistance service. This year’s profitability makes me very glad.
Ibrahim Abdulhafiz

Ibrahim Abdulhafiz


I read about the peculiarity of investing in Forex, and I learnt that the most important thing is to find a good, expert manager. I’ve been satisfied with everything so far and I’m thinking of increasing my investment for higher returns.
Chen Ben Xin

Chen Ben Xin


I was very pleased with investments conditions and revenue amount just a week later. Frankly speaking, I’ve never had such profitability before.
Paul Hofmann

Paul Hofmann


As soon as I started to work with LiteForex I was surprised by the simplicity, transparence, and convenience of their PAMM system. I can say for sure that the quality of my investments has increased.
Ramesh Bhatnagar

Ramesh Bhatnagar


At first I was afraid of investing funds in LiteForex as I thought there were no safer investments than bank investments. But my friends reassured me and now I will most likely give up my current job because I want to spend more time on the business than can yield me stable profits.
Angela Garcia Blasco

Angela García Blasco


I’ve always dreamt of traveling, of visiting as many countries as I can. Now I’m busy investing in LiteForex. As for me, investing in PAMM projects is a perfect way of combining traveling and earning.
Anton Larionov

Anton Larionov


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