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Best trading investors tend to avert the popularity by stealthily accumulating profits but few have risen to famous game players in the forex market. These famous players have broken records in their trading careers. This is people who over the years have achieved great reputation & influence over the market. These individuals’ serves as means of inspiration & light bearers to the newbie traders about to kick-start their trading careers and already existing traders who want to increase their portfolio. This individuals are quite different as some seems to flaunt their wealth others tend to remain humble but they all have one thing in common, they tend to have great confidence which has shown for in their trading performance.


There are many trading investors to look out for but the most popular & advanced trading investors are the ones we are going to talk about. These are the people that have made profound impact on the trading industry. They include the following;


This is the man behind the famous Bank of England breakage netting $1billion after short selling $10 billion pound sterling (GBP). He was born in 1930 and started his trading career at singer and Friedlander in London in 1950. He's the C.E.O of the Soros fund management opened in 1970. This firm has gone through the years to net $40 billion in profits in the last five decades. Due to the trading of bank of England, the U.K withdrew the GBP from the European exchange rate mechanism due to its inability to uphold the trading brand. This time of event is popularly known as black Wednesday. Soros is currently about the 30th richest individual in the world.


Stanley Druckenmiller was raised in a middle class suburban Philadelphia family. He started his trading career in 1977 as a management trainee at Pittsburgh bank. He climbed the ladder quickly and rose to start his own company Duquesne capital management. Druckenmiller successfully managed George Soros money for many years. Druckenmiller was also present during the bank of England breakage. His popularity was elevated when he was featured in a book called the new market wizards a bestselling book released in 1984.

3.          ANDREW KRIEGER

   Andrew Krieger entered the banker's trust in 1986 after quitting a position at the Solomon brothers. He then narrowed down on the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) as he thought was prone to short selling as part of the world opinion.

4.      Bruce Korner

Born in 1945 in Brooklyn New York started trading in 1977 when he was 32 years old. He borrowed money to purchase soybean futures contract and got $20,000 profit. He started Caxton alternative management in 1982, turning it into one of the world's most popular hedge fund with about $14 billion in assets.

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