Investment brokers for beginners as well as trading account for beginners are specifically for beginners. In Forex market, it is a prerequisite for a person to have an account and a broker before effective participation in the huge and complicated market

As a new Forex trader or as an intending trader, what kind of account is right for you? What kind of broker is right for you? There are a lot of them and it is kind of difficult to choose where to open your account or who should be your broker. Here are some tips to help out.


Before you can place a real trade in the Forex market, you must have a broker; and if you are a beginner, you need a special kind of broker. A Forex broker is someone who buys and sells securities for traders in the Forex market. A brokerage firm is a firm that is into the business of buying and selling goods and assets for their clients. In other words, a Forex trader cannot directly buy or sell currencies, the trader must have to go through a broker or a brokerage firm. But as a beginner, do you just register with any broker? NO. Not all brokers have a knack for beginners (but you do not know that, right?). Here are some helpful features to help anyone decide on the best investment brokers for beginners

  • Make sure the broker or brokerage firm has the legal right to function as a broker. Not everyone that poses as a broker has certification, and trading with such people is risky and can even be fraudulent.
  • Check out the experience level of the broker or brokerage firm. If you are new and your broker is new, who is going to paddle the boat? Experienced brokers are very helpful for new traders in the way of suggestions and efficiency.
  • Start with a practice account or a demo account. This will help you get a better hold of things in the Forex market before you finally delve into real trading. So, a good broker should be able to offer a practice account or a demo account for new forex traders.


As a beginner, you have to first of all trade on a demo account before you can trade on a funded account. There are three main types of funded accounts; Mini accounts, Full accounts, and Managed accounts. The best online trading account for a beginner should be a demo account, and then a mini account. This is to enable the trader build up some experience and confidence in the market. A trader who does not want to trade directly can go for managed account.

Most importantly, beginners should carry out extensive researches about what investment broker and what online trading account is best for beginners. That way, informed and wise decisions can be made.

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