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How to find forex investors is not just an issue of fund managers who want to increase their client base, but also individual investors who want to trade forex but do not yet have substantial capital to leverage their investment properly. In other words, they don’t have enough capital to spread their risk such that more profit can accrue at a low risk exposure. Every good investor is aware or should be aware that the amount of risk always equate with expected returns. How to find forex investors willing to take this risk with a trader can be a serious headache since no one wants to lose money.


Well, these are ordinary people, like you and me willing to take a stake in the foreign exchange market in most case by having someone else do the trading but with their capital. The forex investors are bent on making profit just like the trader so they always want assurances and compromises from the forex trader or fund manager. There are enough investment opportunities for any one with money in very field. So to have an investor part with his money so you can use it to trade forex, you need to do your home work well.


Money is hard to come by but easy to lose. Every forex investor worth his salt knows this. And to safe guard their capital, the investors look out for specific things in a trader or fund manger before putting in their money. Some of these are as follows;


This feature stands head and shoulder above all others in the list of investors. It cannot be replaced except the forex investor has a special relationship with the trader, either family ties or some other. The need for a good track record is easy to see. You cannot give your money for someone to trade and earn profit on, if such a person has never traded before or proven him/her capable of making profit trading forex. Track record is the selling point of anyone looking for forex investors it eliminates questions and doubts. That is why firms run by veteran traders always have the greatest number of clientele. They earn from their past records and naturally they charge the highest fee.


Once you are doing a good job people know and they talk about it. Most times a pleased will go to any length to sing your praise and this will attract more clients. Forex investor seeks out other investor in a particular fund and make enquires. Besides, the reviews posted on the websites of forex traders help to advertise them.



This is the first place to look when scouting for investors, they go to forum to ask questions about forex and you can be very active on these forums and attract attention.


You can optimize your website to be listed first when there is a search on forex on the internet, you can pay for advert of well known forex websites, and it takes money to make money. So a part of your profit should go into advert.

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