The best Forex copy trader is someone who is very experienced and successful in the field of Forex trading over a period of time. You will agree with me that it is almost impossible to name a particular trader as the best Forex copy trade considering the risk and the constant changes that is imperatively synonymous with Forex trading, but that notwithstanding, some traders made some notable marks and should be reckoned with.

Naturally, we want to know the best in something we are involved in so we can follow their examples and probably yield good results. In this case, if you know the best Forex copy trader, then you know the best Forex trader to copy. As a matter of fact, it is not the person that matters; it is the applied strategy that resulted to the great recognition as the best or one of the best Forex copy trader(s) that matters. Here some top copy traders that are currently topping the lis

  1. STABILITY TRADING. This is one of the best Forex traders with a real account on the LiteForex Forex trading platform. Stability trading trades major currencies around the world and more. Stability trading is well vested in strategies bound to make great success in Forex trading.
  2. SocialTrading TRADING SYSTEM. The minimum balance of this system is $2000, with a real account and trades on the “SocialTrading” platform. The system trades on major Forex currencies as well as several crosses. SocialTrading boasts of over ten years of research and four years of live trade. The percentage profit of this system is about 47.63%.
  3. Vital. This is one of many Forex copy traders on the “SocialTrading” platform by LiteForex. Their minimum balance can be more but nothing less than $450 on a real account. Over a thousand trades have been conducted by Forex copy trader with a success rate of about 72%. This is sure one of the best copy trader around worth following.
  4. SadosTS3. This is another great Forex copy trader with a real trading account on “LiteForex” PAMM trading platform. SadosTS3 has a win rate of about 63% of 517 trades, and has a total trading experience of over 5 years. His minimum balance is $50, and just like many other successful Forex traders, SadosTS3 trades majorly on currencies.
  5. SoLoMoN. Forex social trades on the “SocialTrading” platform with a real account and a balance of nothing less than $200. SoLoMoN has participated in 114 trades so far with a success rate of 63%. Currency trade makes up over 90% of their trade, with about less than 10% of their trades in commodities and indices.

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