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Some trader have so much climbed to the top of Forex trading that it is difficult to be hidden from limelight by them, they much be spotted. This currency traders are known as the top Forex traders, this record breakers, has broken the mold of trading, achieved an incredible result in currency trading over the years, has so much influence in the trading industry and could be a source of inspiration for upcoming traders.


The following are top Forex traders that has taken so much calculated risks, created a rear path and succeeded incredibly in currently trading, they are:


George was born in 1930, in 1954 he started his financial career at Singer and Friedlander in London, where he took so many financial firm jobs until he instituted his own financial firm named Soros Fund Management in 1970, which generated up to $ 40 billion in five decades.

In 1992 George broke the Bank of England when he made a profit of about $1 billion after short selling $10 billion worth of British pound sterling (GBR). As a result of this mega trade the united kingdom has to withdraw the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism base on their failure to maintain the required trading bands, this whole event was later referred to as black Wednesday, this incredibly successful trade brought him to limelight as one of the top traders of all time. George is currently ranking as one of top 40 wealthiest men in the word.


Stanley Druckenmiller grew up in Philadelphia, and started his financial career in 1977 in a Pittsburgh bank where he functioned as a management trainee, he later created his own company named Duquesne Capital management, which one time managed the finance of George Soros for several years based on his company's expertise, he also managed money for so many other wealthy companies which made his company portfolio to grow around late 1980s and early 2000

Stanley Druckenmiller was so much involved in George well known trade with the Bank of English, which also increased his fame in the currency market, and he grew more famous when he featured in one of new York bestsellers titled " The New Market Wizard" which was published in 1994, Stanley Druckenmiller is also known as one of the top Forex investors of our time.


Andrew worked at the Solomon brothers and later quit to joined banker’s trust in 1986, where he was promoted based on his reputation as a successful trader, he was given a $700 million increment of capital against the standard $50 million limit which gave him an edge to make profit in the October 19, 1987 crash.

Krieger made most trades in the New Zealand dollar (NZD) as claimed is vulnerable to short selling; he also used the 400:1 extraordinary leverage. Krieger made so many impacts in his trading career and also made a huge impact on his employers.


Forex trading requires good guts and experience, the top Forex investors did not just grow to be billionaires overnight it took them much, work, study, experience, discipline, gut and risk management.

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