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Forex work time could be seen at the total amount of time one invests in currency trades market business. The forex market work time differs from person to person. One can decide to invest more time while another may decide to invest less. The great advantage in the work time is that trading goes on twenty-four (24) hours in day. Thus, one can comfortably decide the number of hours he/she can work per day.

Work time for a trader could be determined by many factors such as: the prevailing economic condition, the type of job one does, internet access etc.


  1. Economic condition deals with the total financial activities of the country or countries which one is interested in. it also deals with the ease with which one can comfortably predict the how the economy the country or countries will be in the nearest moment. Fiscal condition may be favorable or unfavorable. In favorable conditions one can easily predict the economy of the country or countries in the nearest moment. But in unfavorable economic condition, prediction the economy of the country or countries in the nearest future is much harder.

If the economic condition is favorable, one’s forex work time increases because he can comfortably predict the economy in the nearest future which enhances his or her chances of making more profit. But if the economic condition is unfavorable, one’s forex work time will reduce because the trader cannot predict what the economy will be. Because the trader cannot predict the economy in the nearest future, the trader will be scare of investing his time in what he or she know nothing about

  1. Individuals that work many hours in another establishment will likely spend less time in trading. But individual whose work time in another establishment will likely increase his forex work time. Since trade activities go on twenty-four (24) hours per day, people tend to use their spare time for forex trading. Consequently the more tasking one’s job is, the less his forex work time. And the less tasking one’s job is, the more his or her forex work time increases.

  2. Internet access: forex trading is entirely internet business. Internet access may not be problem in first world and second world countries. Internet access is a major problem in third world countries where most rural areas have no internet access. If the trader has internet access in his or her locality, his or her forex work time will likely increase. But if the trader has to spend extra money on transport to access the internet, his or her forex work time will likely reduce and this is why the productivity of citizens of highly industrialized nations is higher when compared to third world nations.


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