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Currency trading is a risky venture but ensures huge profits if you trade wisely. But does trading wisely alone promise you maximum benefits? Experts are of the opinion that apart from a sound trading knowledge, you require a decent trading platform to trade with. Like any other platforms, the top forex platforms should be easy to understand and interpret.

Imagine that you are a day trader and trading with EUR/USD, one of the most widely used currency pairs. Since this is a highly fluctuating currency pair, any lag between viewing and acting on it can be detrimental to your trading. So your top forex platform should be fast and let you trade immediately as and when currencies change with respect to each other.

Top 100 forex trading platforms aims to abide by the regulations set by the respective monitory authorities and hence one can consider them scam free.

5 features of top forex platforms that you should consider:

  • Automated trading:

Imagine how hard it would have been to sit beside your workstation and wait for the most beneficial position to trade with. In reality, currencies change by less than 1% a day. So apart from intraday traders, normally it is not possible for you to integrate highly efficient trading systems at each and every moment.  

Top forex platform come within built automated trading functionality. So they don’t need you to hook yourself to the screen all the time. Automated trading systems perform most of the trading operation all by themselves when market is comparatively inactive or you are busy.

  • Email/SMS alert:

Have you ever considered reviewing the mails that your trading platform provides you with? If no, chances are high that you are ignorant about the recent Central bank meets which decide on newer policies and their effect on Forex. Most of the top forex platforms provide live update on currency trade matters via SMS or via email.

  • Back testing possible:

Veteran traders are of the opinion that you need to take into consideration the historical data before moving in for higher trades. In order to predict the current price trend as correctly as possible, you needs to consider the past data trends. With a best forex platforms currency trading, that is possible.

  • Price trading:

Are you dependent solely on price charts for trading currencies? If you despise using too many indicators and strategies and depend solely on price changes, top forex platforms allow you to do that.

Traders with price trading platforms depend on price fluctuations rather than on anything else. This means that position of candle sticks and their wicks are of utmost importance.

  • Compatibility:

Is your current forex brokers with online platform compatible with Mac and Windows platforms? Depending on the type of OS that your workstation is running on, your trading platform offers range of complex calculation and other functionalities be it on any system.  

Top trading forex platforms these days take into account everything ranging from performance and flexibility depending on your approach. The top Forex platforms can run on any system and gives you live price fluctuations. So trade with the best possible available approach and make money without much hassle.

Experts are of the opinion that like stock trading currency trading platforms differs in their functionality and inclusions no matter what their forex trading platform rating is. Opt for the best to make the most of it. 

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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