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Forex earnings differ with traders. People that are not yet in the forex business are often misled by what marketers of one trading robot or the other have to say. They promise in experienced traders unrealistic benefits, and most of them fall for it, only to be disappointed by the time they apply it to their trades. They lose money, and by the end of the month, they must have made little or nothing from trading the forex market. The point here is traders should beware who they listen to when it comes to how much one can make as a forex trader.


An individual who wants to improve his earnings as a forex trader should know that there are different levels to trading the forex market. This is to say that a person that has traded the forex market for as long as 10 years cannot be compared to someone that just started trading the forex market two months ago. There are people who lived and breathed forex in a way of getting prepared to trade live; they studied the market, demo traded, and all that; but these preparations cannot be quantified with trading live in the forex market. Participating in the live forex market can teach a trader a lot, and improve the trader’s skills over time, as well as earnings; that is after gaining the basic knowledge about the forex market and factors that affect the forex market.


This is contradicting considering that all forex traders are in the business to make money and nothing more; which has not changed. It is best to set one’s mind on getting it right than to set it on making money from every trade. The thing is that psychology plays a huge role in the way trades are being carried out in the forex market.  If a trader’s mind is set on making money and cares less about trading skill development, chances are, the trader will one day give up on the forex market. On the other hand, if the trader sets his or her mind on forex trading skill development, with time, he or she will begin to earn decent income from trading the market. So, what matters is getting it right, not making millions of dollars overnight.

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