Articles on forex trading are a source of forex information to a lot of forex enthusiast. They are organized with specific information in mind about forex trading, usually focusing on a particular aspect of the market. There is no one article that can tell you everything you need to know about the forex market, this is because the market is very vast and dynamic. There are many aspects of the market that has been written about with different types of traders in mind.


Forex trading articles can be of different forms. There are some meant for people who know next to nothing about forex trading. They focus on the basics about forex market, things that a forex trader should know before venturing into the market. These types of forex trading articles are centered on areas like

  1. Forex jargons: These are the terms used only in the forex markets. I like to refer to them as the “forex trading language”.
  2. Strategies/types of trades and traders: The type of trade a forex trader trades, or the type of trading strategy a forex trader picks, depends on the trader’s personality. This should be understood by the traders at the very beginning so they can make the right choice from the beginning.
  3. Demo trading: This is a form of practical training every intending forex trader is expected to take before placing real trades. Here, the new trader trades without any initial deposits.

Articles for new forex traders also concentrate on topics about forex trading tools, forex analysis, forex orders, and currency pairs


This type of article is meant specifically for forex traders who are not exactly new in the forex market. The forex traders that need these types of articles are already conversant with the market basics and are now focused on ways to climb the forex career ladder. Forex trading articles that fall under this category centers on issues like

  1. Forex trade signals: Forex signals are provided by reputable professional forex traders for other traders to copy and duplicate the results
  2. Currency pairs, especially the pairs that has the USD
  3. Political and economic news affect the currency of a nation. This should be of interest to all forex traders because such information can guide a trader’s choice.
  4. Mastering your psychology and emotions for efficient forex trading is also useful for all forex traders. It is more valuable to not-so-new forex traders because with their experience in the market, they can appreciate it better that new ones who have little or no experience in the forex market.

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