This has been a huge debate of late – new-age foreign exchange investors and traders working from home. Whether they can do much about is a question and that too a worthwhile one. So here’s an answer bottoms up – yes, forex trading work from home is as true as the $5 trillion plus market itself and there are more than a few professionals who have already made their residence their office.

As obvious, there are more than a few questions or rather queries as per forex trading work from home. Here are the most common ones which come to any interested or inquisitive individuals’ mind.

What is forex trading work from home to begin with?

It’s simply dealing in foreign exchange from the comforts of one’s residence. Whether forex can be handled and properly functioned in the absence of a professional workspace is the more important question. As mentioned earlier, there are more than a few instances where professionals have either shifted or more simply started off in forex right from their PC at home.

Consider the case of a certain Mrs. Jackie Mitchell, who trades in the wee hours till the morning close and then on, manages a dry cleaning shop. She does her forex work from home and that too on a part-time basis. And though she honestly quips that the going wasn’t smooth at all when she started, she now makes an average £5000 per month even with her limited time-frame.

How can someone do forex work from home?

It is at this juncture where the new-age part-time forex professionals appear more genuinely believable. This foreign exchange market has expanded in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so primarily riding on the huge global growth of the World Wide Web, or in other words, the internet. Forex is now readily available and palpable to any individual interested in sneaking a peak into it. Bu there’s more.

Technological advances have brought allowed forex to become more easily accessible; software applications as complete trading platforms are functional on any and every working desktop. Apps for smartphones even cater to this growing necessity of greater accessibility. Trading platforms provide for everything that a trader or broker might need for trading. And all of this has made forex trading work from home a reality in itself.


Here’s a list of whatever an individual needs to start trading in forex without the corporate suits and boots.

  • A desktop or a laptop; other than Windows PCs, even Mac and to some extent Linux Pcs can make use of software applications which act as forex trading platforms. Some of the more popular ones are as the MetaTrader platform, TradeStation, thinkorswim etc.
  • A functional high-speed Internet connection. Proper and fast internet provides for more regularly updated live-charts and a better chance at avoiding re-quotes.
  • An online personal forex account.

Any individual with all of these will be able to do forex trading work from home without breaking a sweat. So if you’re looking for the same, then there’s nothing left to wait for. Start investing in forex and trade right from your home.

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