“Money in bank is like toothpaste. It is easy to take out but hard to put back in.”

This is why investing in multiple sources are recommended by most of the veteran investors. Along with stock markets and mutual funds, foreign exchange trading has recently gained popularity, and its highly volatile nature is attracting many investors to choose this market as an alternative source. But is currency exchange the only way to make money in forex market? Is becoming a trader in forex the only way to gain from this volatile market?

The answer is no. If you have been into forex trading for quite some time now, you will definitely know that there are many service providers that provide you with a lot of currency-related services in return for some amount. Here are few other listed sources that you can choose from in your quest for making money in forex market.

  • Become a broker.

Has this thought crossed your mind? As a trader, you opt for the services of a broker. So, why not become the service provider? As a broker, you will be free from the volatility of the market as your commission and other service charges will be a fixed percentage of a client’s earnings.

All you need to do is follow all the brokerage rules and regulations of your home country and tie up with a renowned bank. You may allow your client to trade directly in the market or from the pool of currencies you hold. Chances of “making money forex market” will increase with increased clientele.

  • Choose to be a forex affiliate.

Opening a brokerage firm will require more initial investment than becoming a trader and will probably require more than one heads to carry on the initiative. “Make money forex market” concept can also be applied by becoming an affiliate to a reliable and popular brokerage firm.

In this, you create a website and promote the services of a particular broker. If any potential client reads your page and gets convinced to trade in forex, and in turn opens an account with the broker concerned, you get a share of the broker’s commission. Again, you are free from the market volatility and do not need to invest a huge amount for starting. Your quests of “making money forex market” will only require the creation of an attractive website.

  • Run a blog on forex trading.

Most veterans opt for this option in the later days of their forex trading. Even if you are not an expert, staying in the market will teach you a lot of techniques in trading and you can always share the idea in your blog. Post about what all factors in the “market making forex” lucrative. Also, if you have proper background, you can opt for carrying out market analysis and post-market forecasts in your blog.

Then, how does the “Make money forex market” concept apply to a blog? If your posts are a hit, you will receive advertisement requests from forex trading software and brokerage firms. This will help you generate returns by indirectly associating with this market.

Options are always available. Currency exchange is not the only way. You can also opt for giving online tutorials to new traders or open a consultancy firm. There are ample ways available to make money in forex market. Choose the one suited for you and start investing.

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