Forex books for beginners are tested and trusted books that would guide any newbie who wants to make great advancement in the world of Forex trading. They are written by renowned Forex specialists that have gained quality experiences trading Forex and associating with other professional and successful Forex traders.

As a beginner in the field of Forex trading, carrying out extensive research is very important. Just like in every other thing in life, if you must succeed in Forex trading, there is need for a solid foundation from the very start. These solid foundations can be built by taking training courses which are mostly available online; as well as reading up e-books about how best to start and get on the right foot in Forex trading. Here is a brief review of some beginner’s Forex books with quality information


This is a very popular book in the world of currency trade, both for beginners and advanced traders of all levels. It offers comprehensive and easy to understand theory backed up with actionable practices from the beginning of Forex trading to the depth of it. This Forex book for beginners covers profit making strategies for trading currency in the Forex market, how to understand different market environments and their trade parameters, short and long term factors that affect currency pairs, as well as trading strategies used among renowned professional Forex traders. Day trading the currency market is written by Kathy Lien, a world class currency analyst.


This is a great book for anyone looking to go into Forex trading. The book is aimed at completely new people, with an extensive tutorial to the world of trading currencies in the Forex market. In “Forex for Beginners”, the author informs the reader of what the world of Forex is all about and also helps the reader apply the just acquired knowledge in a way that would yield practical results and boost the reader’s confidence in the market. The book also covers the unavoidable issue of “risks” in Forex trading, and how best to handle them. It is one of the most popular beginner’s Forex books by Anna Coulling who also authored other Forex books.


This is one honest book that tells you upfront that what you need to succeed as a Forex trader is in you. According to the author of the book, Jelle Peters, it does not matter how many get-rich-quick kind of Forex books you read, you would not get anything out of them if you do not practice, study and persist in the world of Forex trading.
Forex For Ambitious Beginners is a Forex book for beginners which covers helpful essential elements for successful Forex trading such as how to find a Forex trading strategy that works well with your personality, how to protect your trading capital, and the basics that every trader needs to know about in the Forex market. Any intending Forex trader should read this beginner’s Forex book, amidst other Forex book for beginners. It really offers great substantial knowledge of Forex trading.

CURRENCY TRADING FOR DUMMIES by Brian Dolan and Mark Galant

If you are on the lookout for a great Forex book that would give you general knowledge in the field of Forex trading, you can learn a lot from “Currency Trading for Dummies”. However, for best results, “Currency Trading for Dummies” should not be your only source of knowledge about Forex. It is good enough for general knowledge of what Forex is all about but cannot on its own, give a beginner all that is needed to succeed in Forex trading. The knowledge it offers should be compared with the knowledge other books have to offer for better results.

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