Forex trading market is full of complexities and challenges if you are not familiar with its different aspects. If you are a newbie in this industry, then you are required to have a deep insight into each and every technical thing related to forex trading. In this context, books can be very helpful for you.

In this post, the readers will be able to go through 7 different forex trading books for beginners which are considered very useful for every novice trader. It is important to note that these books are always recommended not only for the beginners but also for the experienced traders to expand the region of knowledge of the financial market. Now let us know these books one by one.

Forex For Beginner – Anna Coulling

This book offers 360-degree comprehensive knowledge about the world of forex. It is considered as the best-recommended piece for a trader who is entirely new in this business.

About the Author - Anna Coulling is a well-known name in the trading industry, and she is known for her self-taught skills. She is having more than 16 years of significant experience in forex trading.

Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis – Ashraf Laidi

This is probably considered as the best book of currency trading for the beginners. With the help of this book, one can get deep insight into the operation of foreign exchange market. It also provides meaningful discussion on technical analysis. This book can take the learning to another level.

About the Author – Ashraf Laidi doesn’t require any special mention when it is about forex trading. He is the head of Global Strategist at FX Solutions/ City Index. He is also known as an FX analyst at MG Financial group.

Thirty Days of Forex Trading – Raghee Horner

This book is helpful for them who already have an idea regarding how forex market works. In addition, it is useful to those who want to have some practical experience in the field of trading. Traders can get one day’s worth of trading activities in each of its chapter which follows day to day trading system.

About the author - Radgee Horner is best known as the founder of EZ2Trade Software. Along with that, she is also a private trader. Horner is also recognized for her contribution to some leading forex websites like, Trading Markets, FXStreet, etc.

Day Trading the Currency Market – Kathy Lien

A book by world-famous currency analyst is actually covered with tons of theory and actionable learning. This book is so effective that it offers excellent insight into different fundamental and technical profit-making strategies.

About the author- Kathy Lien is a former associate at JP Morgan Chase and presently she is the head of Currency Strategist at Forex Capital Markets.

New Trader, Rich Trader – Steve Burns

This is one of the most important books for the beginners as it mainly focuses on the basic trading techniques and it also shed light on different pitfalls which should be avoided by any trader. The language and the way of explanation of this book is very easy and simple and one can easily understand the concept of trading.

About the author - Steve Burns is well-known as an author and a trader who is also running a portal named Steve is considered to be the most helpful man available on any social media platform.

So, one can definitely opt for these beginners forex trading books to be a successful forex trader.

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