Do you want to start with a bang instead of a whimper in forex? Do you want to pump in your share of the daily $3 trillion turnover of the FX market? Then you need to learn what forex is. You need to learn the hard way, and just a couple of tutorials and videos won’t give you that edge as everyone does that. You need good forex books to give you that sharp edge; that x factor.

For a beginner or a rookie, you may have more than a couple of questions. Having questions is a good sign, it means that you’re inquisitive, you’re curious; you want to know more.  By now you might already have a few. For example, the quite obvious one would be – what is this all about? Let’s come down to the brass tacks of it and break this question into a couple of sub-questions to help you.

“Good Forex Books? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Good is an adjective. Here, good refers to something that is helpful. An eBook on forex is helpful, sometimes more than any amount of tutorials. Being taught in general has its down-sides. For example, tutorials cover up on general mistakes; it does not cater to the questions which are customary and completely framed from your personal point of view.

The moment you decide to go on your own is the moment where you separate yourself from the flock and open up the possibilities of making a name for yourself. Here are a few tips to pave that lonesome entourage: -

  • Shortlist your topics.
  • Start from the preliminary topics. For example, don’t start with wave analysis unless you don’t know much about trading.
  • One topic at a time.
  • Follow up on confusions, leave no stone unturned.

And if you think that where to get all this, then the obvious answer would be from the World Wide Web. Yes, you can get nearly everything you want on forex from the internet. FX itself is a web based market domain. There are numerous eBooks which are available to anyone with that urge to know the real deal and if you’re one of them, you’ll find for yourself a few hidden treasures worth of knowledge.

“How to know which is a good forex Book?”

To start with, it must have what you’re looking for. Glance through the content section to get an idea of what you’re in for. If you find what you were looking for, grab it and start up. You won’t know what’s what without a proper taste of it, and this goes for everything other than forex too.

To find out that the book is too superficial happens quite often. Superficiality is a sin that most writers have. And although the writers are more often than not experts in FX with garlands of experience, the first few pages will give you a prefatory idea as to whether the book will help you or not.

And if you do find one which has none of the above defects and is exactly what you’re looking for, that’s one of your good forex books in the collection.

Learn it. Invest. Profit.

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