It seems that investing sounds very simple - just find a venture, put your capital in the opportunity and let the profit rolls in. But it is important for each and every novice trader in this business to be skilled enough before investing in any venture because when the money is gone, it is gone. One must also know that there are different types of investments ranging from stocks, options, bonds, to commodities, peer-to-peer, real estate and much more. 

In this post, readers will be able to go through different investment strategies books which are helpful for the investor before they put finance into any specific venture. The books listed out in this post will help traders to enhance their financial knowledge and ultimately the net worth.

  1. The Elements of Investing – Burton G. Malkiel and Charles D. Ellis
    This book is considered as the best one for beginner traders and those who are looking forward to making good money from forex trading. This investment strategies book deals with different types of investment market and offers broad knowledge about its outcomes. This is also very short and crisp which makes it more acceptable to its readers.
  2. The Four Pillars of Investing- William J. Bernstein
    It is true that most of the readers find great difficulty in selecting a particular book from the list of William J. Bernstein because all of his books are depicted with effective tips which help the traders to earn an enormous profit after investing. The best thing about his investment strategies books is that most of them are well researched and offered with useful tips.
  3. The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig
    This book is actually known as the inspiration for Warren Buffet’s investing style, and it is also considered as the best value investing book of all time. This particular book is considered as Bible for them who deal with stock analysis. Jason Zweig worked on this piece and is also known as lauded Wall Street Journal columnist.
  4. Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Psychological Edge- David Dreman
    Out of several investing strategies books, this book is the most appreciated one when it comes to stock pickers. This book mainly deals with the psychological factors related to investing. The contrarian value investing strategy of Dreman also gives a lesson that how to invest profitably and how one can escape falling into prey. The author of this book manages almost $4 billion institutional and individual funds; the figures itself show how efficient and prolific he is on investing strategies.
  5. The Investment Answer- Gordon Murray and Daniel C. Goldie
    The authors of this book are from finance, and they know the prerequisites of investing. In this investment strategies book, they have tried to depict the fact that why and when one should hire financial advisors. One is a major financial advisor, and one is Wall Street veteran; both of them have used their extensive experience that might help the readers to get more knowledge about investing.

There are numbers of investing strategies books available in the market, but it’s all about the need of the investor. The books mentioned in this post are selected as the best one for investing strategies.

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