The best way to gain knowledge about forex trading is to refer forex books, and they are easily available in the market. Both experienced and novice traders can refer forex books to gain a competitive advantage as they deal with many technicalities while trading in the forex trading market.

Most of the forex experts say that ‘my forex book’ helps them to get the pre-requisites terms of forex, and now they are trading with confidence in the market.

Trading market is highly volatile, and one must be aware of its different strategies to be implemented whenever necessary. In this context, my forex books play a crucial role. These books can also be used as a tool to upgrade the skill and experience of traders. Not only that it also helps them to deal with if’s and but’s of forex trading market.

How to choose a perfect “my forex book”?

A trader can avail a lot of forex books available in the market, but all of them do not serve the same purpose. There are certain things to be considered before you make a purchase of any book based on forex trading. Some of them are discussed below.


  • Check whether the author is reliable or not


Since forex trading is one of the biggest financial trading markets, so you can get a number of writers claiming themselves as proficient in writing books. So, when you are about to make a purchase for your “my forex book”, make sure to check that whether the writer has enough experience in this trading business or not. You should also check that whether the writer has written any other books on forex trading.


  • Check the content of the book


Testing the content of the book is very crucial. Otherwise, you won’t be able to learn anything from it. Make sure that the content of the books suits your requirements and provide the information that you are looking for.


  • Don’t forget to check author’s review


Eminent writers always receive a good review or feedback from their readers, so it is also necessary to do some research while opting for your suitable ‘my forex book’.


  • Always go for the hard copy of the book


In the age of digital technology, most of the books are available online in the form of eBooks. But it is always recommended by the experts that one should opt for the hard copy of the book because they undergo a proofreading process. Remember a single mistake can ruin your forex trading career. So why take unnecessary chances?

So, these were some of the factors that should be considered by the traders while they choose their very own “my forex books.”

List of books trader can refer

  • Forex For Beginner by Anna Coulling

This book offers 360 degree and comprehensive knowledge to the world of forex and it is considered as one of the best forex books for the novice traders.

  • Currency Trading and Inter-market Analysis by Ashraf Laidi

In order to be a master in forex trading, one has to be proficient in economic and dynamics of the market. In this context, this book is one of the best options one can ever have as it deals with all the different concepts of the global forex market.

So, this was a brief idea about myforex book, and hopefully, you have gained some bit of insight to aid in your selection. So what are you waiting for? Get your forex book and start trading right now.

Wish you a happy trading!

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