Investment strategy is a group of procedures or methods which is designed to guide the investors. These strategies help the investors to a great extent at the time of trading. Thankfully, the best investment strategies books can provide assistance to the investors.

Different Types of Strategies:

Strategy is an integral part of investment. It is important for you to know about them if you are an investor. Check these strategies which are written below.

  • Indexing Strategy:
    In this case, the investor buys a small part of all the shares in an exchange-traded fund or index mutual fund.
  • Active vs. Passive Strategy:
    Through using active strategies the investors try to outperform standard indexes and passive strategies are shown as tools to minimize transaction costs.
  • Momentum Trading Strategy:
    By using this strategy, investors select investments based on their performances in the past.
  • Value vs. Growth Strategy:
    Value investors trade with the stocks of companies which are considered undervalued by them. This technique is called value strategy. In case of growth value, investors try to make profits when a company shows growth which is higher than other companies.
  • Buy and Hold Strategy:
    By applying this strategy, an investor buys shares and holds them for a long period of time.

Learn about the Best Investing Strategy Book:

Many books are considered good which can provide help to the investors. But you should choose the best investing strategy books. Best books are always 100% reliable because they are written by very popular, skilled, experienced personalities. Go through this list of best books which are written below.

  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham:
    This book is a masterpiece which was published in 1949. But it was edited in 2003 and 2009 by Zweig and Buffet. You should definitely buy this book because it is considered one of the greatest books about investment of all time. The book is based on value investing. Benjamin Graham is considered ‘the father of value investing.' It is 640 pages long; many people find it dull. But the book is not actually uninteresting. If you have patience and enthusiasm about investment you will like this book.
  2. Stocks for the Run by Jeremy Siegel:
    This book is also very useful for the investors. The author touches different topics in the book such as stock returns, economic environment of investment, stock fluctuations in the long run, etc. It is considered one of the top 10 books of that time.
  3. The Little Book that Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt
    This book discusses the simplicity of investing. The author explains investment in simple language and uses 6th grade mathematics. Joel Greenblatt is known his famous ‘magic formula investing.'
  4. Fooled by Randomness by Naseem Taleb:
    In this book, Naseem Taleb discusses how randomness plays a major role in the lives of traders than we expect. Some things in the financial world are not what they appear to be. Actually risks are much larger than the traders expect. This book shares the techniques of handling risks at the time of trading.

Read the best investment strategy books and be a perfectionist!

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