Forex indicators are an important analysis tool in the trader's work and are indispensable in forecasting price fluctuations. Experienced traders use a large number of indicators to obtain more accurate data for entering the market. A technical Forex indicator helps draw up a correct forecast of the behavior of currencies or other trading instruments for a certain period of time.

As you know, the market has two states – a trend or a flat. In this regard, in terms of functionality, technical indicators for Forex are conventionally divided into two types:
  • Trend indicators showing the presence of a direction, which can be downward or upward;
  • Oscillators (leading indicators) that show price deviation from its average value and give a signal to enter the market based on the overbought or oversold state of the instrument. They are used in a stagnant market and to determine the moment of a trend reversal.

Psychological indicators for Forex that determine market sentiment can be qualified as a separate group. In this section we have gathered the most popular and effective Forex indicators for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. We are continuously improving the range of Forex trader indicators, each indicator contains a detailed description and is available for free download for all LiteForex clients.


Technical analysis indicator «Force index»

According to many experts of technical analysis, Force index is the best tool, which combines volumes and price. The indicator uses the difference between the current and the previous c...

TDI: a combination of several indicators

Internet has so many indicators, which combine qualities of several indicators, do not overload the chart, but porvide full information about market. Traders Dynamic Index or TDI is one...

Spearman’s coefficient: correlation in action

Charles Spearman, an English physician, invented a method of finding connections between various phenomena in the early twentieth century. His method was called Spearman’s correlation c...

WmiFo: look-out indicator

The price is always in motion and, sooner or later, it repeats the same actions within a specified time period. WmiFo indicator was developed to find such patterns. And we’ll talk about...

I-Sessions: personal assistant on time management

In fact, I-Sessions is not a real indicator, as it does not give trading signals and does not help a trader in making trading decisions. Its main task is to show the time of work of the...

ELR: How does Elder Impulse system operate

Many Forex investors dream about X-ray machine, which will see through the whole Forex market and Alexander Elder, a doctor by profession and a dedicated trader, tried to put this dream...

Fractals: data of two points

Fractals is one of five indicators used in strategies of Bill Williams. The author recommends to use this indicator together with the «alligator», which helps to filter out majority of ...

ROC: the price yesterday, today and tomorrow

ROC indicator is an oscillator located under the chart. It has only two parameters: moving average line and a zero level. There are a lot of similar indicators, both in the standard lis...
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