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Becoming a forex trader requires more than a fast internet connection and a trading account. This point has to be stated first so that they would be investor will be guided properly. Experience has shown that becoming a forex trader need most importantly a working plan, even before you have decided which forex broker to consult or whether or not to make use of forex software or even whether to use an online platform or give your money to fund managers. A plan is a financial road map. Once this has been taken care of, then other decisions such as what amount to invest, whether to be a day trader and what strategy to follow, now comes naturally. Becoming a forex trader demands forethought and careful planning a in depth research, the reason is because money is involved, your had earned money. In your bit to earn more money you can’t afford to lose the one you have, so due process should be followed and proper questions asked.


Forex is indeed an open market with free entry and exit. And truthfully there are few prerequisites to trading forex. But the few must be taken seriously and carefully cultivated.

Surely it is not too much to ask that before you start a new activity which you expect to earn you money, you should spend some time learning how it works, the factors that make for success and the skills required. The technical demands should be investigated also. In other words, to start you first should learn all you can about forex and how it works. There are a lot of resources on line for this job. And each day more is added. Once you know that you are comfortable with your knowledge you can then proceed.


So now you are fully convinced that forex is something for you, what next?

Like in any field you meet people who are already trading forex profitably for advice. Not that you cannot get this advice from a broker, but his business interests may influence the information. So you should meet people like you, there are many online forums whose subject is forex. Here you can ask any question concerning forex and get useful answers. From this platforms you will know what to look for in a broker, how to get the best pips, how to host a private server if you need one. In fact there is virtually no question on forex that you can’t get answers on this special groups becoming a forex trader is easy with this online help

Next is for you to take action, you have learnt enough, you now have to put it to action. Get a broker, if you think you need one. Choose the best strategy you can lay your hands on and open a trading account. It is important to note that your trading skills cannot replace the need for experience in forex trading. Always start with demo trading as that is the earliest way of acquiring a trading experience as a forex trader. This practical advice is so that you can simulate real trading before going live.

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