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A strategy for forex investment is an organized program of action which the forex investor undertakes to ensure the success in forex. These strategies are extremely important if it is well run to the point of earning returns. The thing with any form of human endeavor which must endure is series of plan activities that is geared to ensure the desired out come. Forex is not random guesses thrown around with the hope that one of them will turn out correct. Besides, money is involved in every forex transaction and this should force the owner of it to ask questions about the viability of the business deal. What are the chances of success? What can be done to improve these chances?  And is it worth the whole effort.

Most people are attracted to the profit made in forex by professional 5traders but aren’t patience to learn the discipline. We would in this article talk about a few of the strategies that when applied effectively will increase the chances of smiling to the bank.


Under each strategy will be a brief explanation. The reason for this is because if we don’t discuss how it is applied, there is a chance that it will be used wrongly, thereby frustrating the aim and objective. Below is a list of basic forex strategies;


Without a well thought out trading plan, the new forex investor is a disaster waiting to happen. And this is also applicable even when the business is to be handled by a fund manager. The trading plan is like a financial map that tells you before hand, or through which you settee such questions such as, what am I expecting as I go into forex? How much am I expecting to make? How can that happen? What method do I have to apply to make this work? The questions are not limited to these, but the answer generated then gives you a clear cut direction and a trading strategy develops to guide you. You cannot skip this and is at your best as a forex trader.


From your trading plan you choose a trade set up. At this point that you know how much money you want to end and what risk you want to be exposed to, you now choose an approach to trading. There are two major ones;


This refers simply to a trading pattern that aims at combating as much risk as possible during a trade. There is no way to trade the forex market without being exposed to risks, but it is possible to reduce those risks to the barest minimum. While low risk trading helps a trader not to lose so much money, it also reduced the possibility of the trader to make profits.


This pushes the concept of risk control further losses incurred depend on how the trader managed risk.  Well managed risk prevents gambling and huge exposure. This means you must stick to you trading plan no matter the excitement or there may be disaster.

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