How can you make money on forex

There has been a lot of mixed feelings among people that have not experienced forex trading, or those of them that did not make it at their attempt to trade the forex market. Given to the fact that the success rate in the forex market is about 10% in every trade, it is not surprising that majority of reviews about forex trading seem to be negative. But then, there are also the good reviews from traders that have been able to make it in the market. Between the testimony of those that are doing well as forex traders and those that are not, people are thorn in between, not knowing what to believe. They keep wondering if it is possible to make money from the forex market, and it is really possible, how?


Forex trading works for anyone that is determined to make it work. The fact is that whatever one believes, in most cases, works for one. While it is real to make money from trading the forex market, many chose to believe that it is not possible. Since they already believe that it is not possible, they tend not to make any efforts towards making money from trading forex; and that is how they literally shut down the possibility of making money from forex trading. This misconception, on the path of those that believe that it is not possible to make money from forex trading, becomes a part of them until somehow; someone or something reaches out into their mind to change that.


It is not enough to just believe that it is possible to make money from forex trading; one has to also understand that forex trading requires time, hard work, patience, skills, consistency, and perseverance. This is because it is impossible to trade the forex market and make money without going through an uphill of losses, discouragement, and confusion. In addition to all those features, traders should

  1. Study the forex market to understand how it works, the history of it, the terms used in the market, and all other knowledge required of a new trader.

  2. Take time to study brokers and understand what broker is right for the trader to work with. This is a really important step for all forex traders.

  3. Demo trade in order to understand practically what it means to trade the forex market, as well as understand the platform the trader will use to trade the live market.

  4. Constantly develop his or her trading skills as there are new techniques every day and new trading tools too.

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