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Say that the government of a country decides to make money less liquid by absorbing certain types of currencies that are in use. This may be a deliberate attempt to shoot forgery. But chances are high that this is done to reduce inflation. Overspending is one of the causes of increasing inflationary positions. Top forex trading platform allow you to take control of the fundamental factors that govern currency fluctuations. Newbies as well veteran traders understand the importance of incorporating Forex fundamentals into currency trading.

If you are of the opinion that social or political events cannot (or do not) affect currency price trading, you are wrong. There are tonnes of factors that affect the basic currency price fluctuations in the real world. Say that an earthquake strikes Japan. It might take time for Japanese Government to react to it and take appropriate actions.

But what about the immediate changes that crop up? There may arise a shortage in consumables which may raise sky high in prices. This makes JPY less desirable to trade with. Leading forex trading platforms put all these immediate changes into live price charts to make it easier for traders.  

How does a Top forex trading platform react to Fundamentals?

Suppose you are using a particular Forex platform to continue with your trading activities. This requires an extensive research on basic currency trading terminologies. But most importantly traders should know how to incorporate economic factors into trading. Top forex trading platform offers immediate response to changes in fundamental factors. Effects of these factors may be visible in the short run or may take longer periods to affect currency prices (e.g. Brexit).

Top 3 Fundamental factors that traders might need to consider.

  • Employment situation:

When an economy is improving, one of the indicators that economist make use of is unemployment. Unemployment may be involuntary or voluntary. If you are willing to work, but there are no vacant positions, it means that your government has not made enough attempts to promote employment. On the other hand, you might not be willing to work because you find it profitable to stay at home. Top forex trading platform shows live values of unemployment under economic news.

Apart from this, the values of cyclical and frictional unemployment are indicators that denote where the country is heading towards. Higher values of this, means that inflation is constantly falling and terms of trade of a country are degrading. This implies an adverse currency price.

  • BOP accounts:

Like Unemployment, balance of payment accounting is an essential part of economic stability detection. Governments always aim to make values of export exceed import. This implies higher inflow of foreign currencies into the country. This may help its home currency value to rev up, making it more profitable to trades with.

  • Inflation and Growth parameters:

An overall rise in price levels is considered healthy for a country. But excess rise in prices make the home currency too costly to be traded with. Whether a country is growing rapidly depends on its GDP growth, national income rise and Net Factor Income from abroad. Traders depend on Top forex trading platform online to detect these values and set their open positions accordingly.

So the next time, you stumble upon strictly economic terms, do not take that as a hoax. Understand how it can affect prices in the long run. Top forex trading platform provides easy platforms to reveal the changes in currency prices due to macroeconomic changes.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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