Chris Capre forex course is one forex course you can go for and expect to come out a transformed person in the world of forex trading. So for those of who wants to go for forex training but are hesitant about which to go for, consider taking a Chris Capre forex trading course (I will tell you why in a moment). There are a lot of forex trading course online and offline promising so much in return for a huge a huge sum of money (the trading fee). Some of these courses are helpful, while some others are not. To this end, it is wise to do some sort of research before going for a particular forex trading course.


You might be asking, “Who is the Chris Capre guy and why should I consider his forex trading course?” here is the answer to that

Chris Capre is a professional forex trader. He has traded the forex market for at least 15 years and is still doing so till date. As a beginner in the forex market, Chris Capre started trading the forex market with $3,000 in his forex account. Six months after that, he was able to turn his initial deposit of $3,000 to $83,000, not bad, right? Did he have it on a bed of roses all the way for these six months? No. after he turned $3,000 to $83,000, he faced some challenges (as is typical with the forex market). He lost $25,000 in 15 minutes; and that is not all. He kept on trading. After he lost $25,000, he lost another $25,000 that same month, making it a total of $50,000 in one month; but guess what, he did not give up. It took him another 4 months before he was able to bounce back again.

Before he started trading forex, he had no sort of knowledge about the market. He graduated from the university and went through severe financial challenge before he started with trading forex. His 15 years worth of experience in the forex market has given him so much and he is passionate about giving back to the world.


Chris Capre is a very busy person, but he is passionate about three things:

  • Trading
  • Teaching
  • Philanthropy

He runs his owns a forex company named 2ndSkiesForex. They offer trading courses both for advanced forex traders and new forex traders. They are legit and there have been good reviews about them.

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