Forex academy course are designed to help people interested in forex trading as well as forex enthusiast make head way in the forex market. It is made of a compilation of forex courses probably from the very beginning of what forex is all about to the farthest point necessary; that is a complete academy course in forex trading.

Forex academy course offer different classes for traders of different level. These forex academy courses are grouped into the following classes


For the beginner level, you will be taken step by step through the basics of forex market. A this level, courses offered are centered on the following points

  • What forex trading is all about
  • The benefits of forex trading
  • Forex trading terms
  • Forex trading tools
  • Market analysis
  • Demo trading

If you know next to nothing about forex trading, learning about the courses mentioned above will help you have a genera insight of what the forex market is all about. The demo trading is also good because it gives traders the opportunity to apply what they have learnt about practically.


Traders at this level are expected to have taken the beginner class, done some demo trades, as well as real trades. At the point of placing real trades, traders at this level usually would notice some lose ends in their skills. These lose ends can only be appreciated through the experience that can be gotten only from placing real trades. At this level, traders concentrate on issues like

  • Forex trading methods
  • Types of market
  • Forex trading strategies and derivatives for trading forex
  • Risks in the forex market and how to manage them
  • The use of automated systems in trading forex

These mentioned points and more are what an intermediate forex trader focuses on. After this level, the trader can then move to the next class.


The advanced level of a forex trading academy is for people who have gotten lots of information and experience under their sleeves. At this stage, a trader is expected to be well grounded with the beginners’ level, and the intermediate level. Matters arising in this level of forex trading

  • Advanced price action courses
  • Advanced Ichimoku courses
  • Elliot wave courses
  • Advanced trader’s mindset and psychology
  • Advanced trade signals and charts

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