“Why should I invest in Forex?” There are mainly two types of people ask this question. First, is the person who does not wish to invest in the market and the other who does. The typical advice would be that Forex is a risky investment to make. Anyone can try for an online Forex Beginners course or a Forex trading tutorial from experts. But there is a catch.

“A Forex Expert who guarantees you profit is not an Expert.”

Forex trading most obviously has a risk factor in it. But given the average Forex exchange in the worldwide market exceeds $2 trillion, one is easily tempted to grab a bite to it. Forex is NOT the biblical forbidden fruit. Rather it is the fruit of knowledge and intuition. Any individual with a sound understanding of the to-and-fros of the market can make quite a handsome profit off it. A successful trader can earn up to $300 million dollar with just few currency trades because strategic trading depends on collective knowledge and experience which this trader has.

What is Forex?

Forex is not just the act of buying and selling a foreign currency against basic. It is the understanding of relations between them.

Let’s consider the case of an American trader. His currency is USD. He wishes to engage in trading activities in Euros and upon entering the trading market he sees this –

EUR/USD – 1.35

Known as a Currency Quote - The currency on the left is the Euro and the currency on the right is the USD. The number in decimal simply implies that an amount of 1 Euro can be purchased at the expense of 1.35 USDs. This is Forex.

How do I make profit in Forex?

Let’s continue with the example above. The trader anticipates and deduces the currency quote to change to –

EUR/USD – 1.38

At this moment the trader eyes the profit. He triggers a sales point, or simply orders that the Euro he has to be sold when it reaches the given ratio. When and if it does, the 1 Euro amount is sold to which he gains a total of 1.38 USD. The profit he gains is that of 0.03 USD (1.38 minus 1.35).

This is the simplest Forex Beginner Course which a newcomer might feel handy.

How to start?

This is vital for the future of any aspirant who wishes to make a mark in the trading circle. Although opinions do vary from experts to experts, in general, they advise for these:


  • Study and Research – Everyone starts his business from zero. To understand the complications that may arise with time, self-deduction is gold. Conceptualization is what will give the newcomer an upper hand ahead of the competition.


  • Outside aid – Today’sbest experts learned from experts who preceded them. So to become an expert, you will need some help. An individual who is a Forex beginners course password might feel confident, but it matters to nil in the market.


  • Whom to trust? – Trust can only be earned with time. Whether you wish to open a trading account with a company or if you want to subscribe to a Forex Beginner Course, be sure to go through the company’s history and double-check upon it.


  • Start Small, Aim Big – Start up with small amounts. Don’t take risk from the start of your trading career. Some companies have introduced cent accounts or 1$ minimum deposit accounts for the beginners who want to start with small investment.


Risk is the only constant besides everything else is a variable. It applies even more so here. But if you want to dive straight into it, look before you do. But luck does favor the bold, and so does money.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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