Forex complete course can be any forex trading course for any of the three major levels of learning in forex trade (beginner’s level, intermediate level, advanced level). There are a lot of skills you will need to learn in order to be a successful forex trader, and to learn these skills, you will need a well organized course curriculum taught by a qualified forex trainer (majorly either a broker or a trader), some specified materials, and of course great attention. It is when you take a forex trading course with all the necessary materials, curriculum, and a trainer to guide you that you can be said to have taken a complete forex trading course.


Forex courses are organized by experienced forex traders and/or brokers. You will have to pay a certain amount of money to learn a complete course from them. Some brokers sometimes organize forex trading courses for forex traders, charging their clients only a minimal cost, and other forex traders the full cost for the training and training materials.

Most forex trading courses are done online, where there is an online instructor to teach the trainees logged in from any part of the world. An online forex trading course is good for people who wish to attend forex training but are too far away from the venue of the training. Some other people prefer to train right at the venue of the training session, where they can see the trainer and other trainees live. This gives a psychological sense of mission to the trainers when they are in a learning environment, and can as well make them eager to learn.

Another way of getting a forex trading course could be by self study. To do this, there is need for discipline to be able to actually sit down and study a particular forex trading course, especially for the beginners who know next to nothing about forex trading. Also, in the case of self study, it is important to have a guide who you can ask questions as you go through the course.


A forex trading scheme of work should have a list of all that you are expected to learn in a forex trading course, as well as when you are expected to learn them. This applies basically to trainees on a time sensitive training session. Trainees that are not on a time sensitive session (like a self study trader) do more with table of content than scheme of work.

From a scheme of work (or table of content as the case may be) you can tell if you are meant to take the course or not. The scheme shows the prerequisites of the course, the key points, the necessary materials, and the target audience.

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