Forex knowledge to action is a literal call for everyone in Forex trade to develop their trading skills and make advancements by constantly attending seminars and learning what there is to learn about the Forex market from people who has quality experiences, strategies, and trusted systems. That is the supposed first impression you should get the time you come in contact with the forex knowledge to action team, but if you look a little more closely, you will see an underlying controversy about the knowledge to action Forex courses.


Knowledge to action Forex courses are courses offered by “knowledge to action” forex trading firm. Knowledge to action Forex trading firm offers seminars to help new and old Forex traders to get ahead in their Forex trading career by taking up their course. A great number of traders were attracted to this firm; as a matter of fact, Knowledge to action forex course is so famous that it was considered one of Europe’s largest trader coaching companies.


Why then are there so many controversies about the legitimacy of this company? Could it be a scam? Some people claimed to have taken part in the Knowledge to action seminar and this is what they have to say

  1. Their marketing strategy was so pronounced and promising such that it is impossible for anyone thinking of launching into forex to want to skip their courses. Even people who are already in forex trading were attracted by their publicity hoping to get “high-standard” kind of information to help them move forward in forex trading; plus, the first seminar is free.
  2. The first seminar, which is purportedly free, is actually another marketing stunt. It lasted for two hours (which is not enough for even a newbie to learn anything helpful to trade with) after which the participants were urged to pay £3000 for 2-day knowledge to action forex course.
  3. The two-day knowledge to action course was an overpriced course, a literal rip off. According to some of the participants, there is nothing in the course that you cannot read in a few £20 e-books or for free on the internet; and what could be worse than their lack of hospitality. No food was given; the amount of money being paid for the seminar, any one would think they would stretch to a sandwich at least.

Finally; if you have the spare money for training from redundancy like I did, look good and hard at the other options. You can DIY by reading and finding some top up courses elsewhere that can really get you moving into trading. For me, K2A, even though was not value for money, it got me going.

- James Gillesple

Note: this is only but one out of many reviews about Knowledge to Action. So, if you are thinking of taking their courses, be wise and make informed decisions.

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