Forex trading videos might just be the next best thing for you as a forex trader irrespective of your level in the forex market. Generally, there are three different levels in the forex market and there are different videos meant for each level. With these videos, a forex trader can have a sense of direction in the forex market as steady career advancement.


A forex trading video is simply a video of how to trade forex meant for forex traders at different levels which could be beginner, intermediate, or advanced forex traders. In some cases, these videos give detailed directions to traders on what to do, and in some other cases, the videos just gives the viewer ideas of what is expected of her in the forex market regarding her level. Some of them are free and can be easily downloaded from the internet; some others are paid for before access is granted.


If you are wondering what forex video is right for you, the simple question you have to ask yourself is this; “What is my level as a forex trader?” There is no two ways about it; you are likely to fall in any of the following three levels


Just like the word “beginner” connotes, this level is meant for people who know really little about the forex market. These set of traders, probably just finished theoretical research of the forex market and are “ready” to practice all they have learnt about the forex market. If you are demo trading, you are still a beginner, and there are specific videos befitting to traders of your level in order to advance in the forex trading market. Forex trading videos for this level focus on things like what forex market is, the jargons of forex, how to demo trade, how to open an account, and many more basic information. A very good example of forex trading video for beginners is trading with LiteForex: Information for beginners.


At the intermediate level, a trader is expected to have successfully completed basic research and courses of forex trade, completed demo trading, placed some real trades, and have tasted a bit of success and profit in the market. This level is like the middle of the deep blue sea; the point where the trader needs to deploy the virtues of patience, persistence, and hard work, in order to make it in her forex career. Forex trade videos for this level is centered on topics like the psychology of trading, analysis of the forex market and trades, setting up trust worthy trading systems, and more.


Traders at this level have almost it all. They have used many of the forex trading tools, traded different currency pairs, followed signals and analysis, observed what moves the market and many more experience that can only be offered by trading the forex market persistently over a long period of time. Advanced forex traders have stories to tell about their success careers which beginning and intermediate forex traders can learn from. Many of them know the importance of keeping in touch with the right information regarding the forex market, so they still go for forex trading tutorials meant for advanced forex traders.

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