New forex brokers 2015

In terms of rankings forex brokers, reviewing their sites and making a rating selection for which ones to occupy the topmost positions, there are a lot of criteria involved. Several traders tend to make use of these reviews to ascertain the suitability of a forex broker before opening a trading account and in most of the cases, the traders make a choice from the top ten brokers on the list. With the start of each New Year, ratings of the top brokers are selected and posted online and this article will be looking at the new forex brokers from 2015. 

A careful look at the new forex brokers from 2015 reveals that most of the newcomers are taking over the market from the online trading platform. These newcomers have taken their time to study the major problems faced by the current market and have decided to enter the market with a solution to these problems. Some of these problems which have been ultimately solved by the new forex brokers from 2015 are now discussed below.



The old-timers in the forex brokerage have a customer care support which was characterized by an unresponsive nature. With a better-improved customer care responsiveness, some of the newcomers have been able to carefully solve the problem of clients by giving them a customer care service which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customer care is available whenever you need help.


Most forex broker sites are inundated with irrelevant adverts which are not just annoying but frustrating. These adverts keep popping up here and there, thereby seriously causing dissatisfaction to the trader.


Based on complaints received from users, it has been evident that some of the old timers had a questionable credibility in terms of the security of the money invested by the customers. 


Access to Educational materials in forex is quite limited and the ones that are available are either overpriced or in short circulation. With the creation of new forex brokers from 2015, there has been a great increase in the number of educational materials available to traders. Some of the new forex brokers from 2015 offered educational materials on forex trading after you register. Others even enrolled new users in an online forex trading course.


Increase in the total number of forex brokers brought about a general increase in the market competition. Bonuses and promotions are one aspect of competitions embarked upon by new forex traders from 2015.

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