Best timeframes for this strategy are H1 and H4. Trading signals are valid from the beginning of the European session to the middle of the American one. The strategy requires a pair of custom indicators: TDI and Synergy APB. To install them, put the files Synergy_APB.ex4 and TradersDynamicIndex.ex4 into the folder C:\Program Files \SigTrader\experts\indicators, restart trading platform and drag-and-drop indicators from the list to the chart.

Trade Made Simple

Entry points

The main signal to enter the trade is the cross of the red and green lines of TDI indicator. Once green line crosses the red one from above, sell positions can be opened. To form a buy signal green line have to cross the red one from below. The angle between two lines should be at least 30 degrees.

      Buy                            Sell

Trade Made Simple     Trade Made Simple

The next step is Synergy APB analysis. Buy positions can be opened at the first or second blue candle after the sequence of the red ones. Sell positions can be opened at the first or second red candle after the sequence of the blue ones.

A trader should also use Stochastic indicator as a confirmation. The indicator confirms buy signals if its lines are in oversold zone below the level of 20. If the lines are above the level of 80, it is an additional signal to sell. If Stochastic lines are in the middle they should be directed the same way as the future position: upwards to buy, downwards to sell.

Trade Made Simple

Exit points

Once a trader enters the market, green line of the TDI indicator becomes the most important. A position should closed as soon as the green line changes its direction to the opposite of the one of position. "Stop Loss"can be placed at the highs/lows of previous candles or 20-30 pips apart from the entry point.