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The term Blackberry reminds of the first smartphones made available to humanity. In fact, they were the first phones to include apps for forex trading. Blackberries are known to fast, nimble and user-friendly. They are built for professional use. Therefore, if you own a blackberry phone, and are looking to start forex blackberry trading then read on.

Trading platform of Blackberry phones:

Forex trading in Blackberry phones is done using the MT4 trading platform. Meta trader is one of the best platforms which provide service to the desktop as well as mobile gizmos. Meta Trader 4 is capable of analyzing market situations, identifying signals and providing your trade with a perfect opening. A few benefits of this trading platform are:

  • MT 4 provides advanced charting facilities which help a trader to perform a technical analysis of the market data.

  • The UI of forex blackberry is extremely user-friendly allowing new as well as veterans to implement their strategies at the correct time.

  • It is fast and smooth. Therefore, changes of slippage and latency decrease considerably.

  • MT4 is a global platform, and one can trade in the language he desires.

  • It is highly secure and encrypts all user data. In the case of an unwanted intruder, your data and account information is saved from misuse.

  • Meta Trader provides expert advice by which traders can customize their strategies that fit their trading style.

Who can go for forex blackberry?

Blackberry phones are meant for the business world. It is known for its excellent multitasking capabilities. Suppose, Mr. Ed has to attend an important meeting. His forex blackberry calendar is showing that a Tsunami hits Japan.

Therefore, Mr. Ed’s initial reaction will be to go long on JPY immediately.  With a Blackberry phone, he can set his trading options while attending the meeting thanks to Blackberry’s excellent multitasking features. Moreover, he can keep a constant check on the market situation on the go.

Why should you trade from a phone?

One can opt for forex blackberry considering some reasons:-

- Portability:

Mr. Ed was able to take advantage of the market vulnerability as he was trading from his phone. A large computer screen cannot be made with you. Moreover, it requires an electric connection. A phone, on the other hand, can be used on the go, fits in your pocket and runs on its battery.

- One screen for all:

Gone are the days when forex trading was done from multiple screens. With the advent of multi-tasking smartphones, you can run your forex calendar and trading account simultaneously. This not only saves space but also allows you to place a trade directly without the need to contact your broker.

- Automatic notifications:

This may be considered the biggest advantage of forex blackberry. Using a computer, an investor has to check for price updates and major news releases manually. However, with your smartphone, you will receive these notifications automatically without the need even to unlock it.

The final verdict:

One can conclude by saying that forex blackberry provides an edge over traditional monitor trading. With portability and speed, trading using smartphones has become the essential need for today’s generation.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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