Forex moving average trading

Among all the widely used indicators that investors often find useful, moving average is one of the common. Not only is it common but it provides a pretty good estimate of the trends. Apart from trends, it provides information about the support and resistance levels. Moving average Forex helps traders determine action of price by filtering out the noise. This is considered as a lagging indicator since it depends on past data.

Just like any other average, moving average calculates the average price of currencies (in this case) over a certain time period. Let’s say that there are 10 values of prices in the last 10 days. A simple average will divide the sum of these prices by the number of days taken into account. As a new day comes, the first value disappears and a new price value comes into play. This changes the value of moving averages forex if the concern is on currency prices.  

How to incorporate Moving average Forex?

Among the lists of advantages that usage of moving average carries with it, noise reduction is of utmost importance. Say that you are a price trader. So you limit your trend study to estimating the way price change in a definite time period. Forex trading with moving averages has its own set of advantages because it takes into account the continuous price trend.

Say a particular value of price is higher in value, much higher to change the moving average. This is also the basis for Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator. Remember that these are the simple Forex trading moving averages.

The exponential Moving Average, however, aims to provide more weight/importance to the recent prices. So a general falling trend might change its shape if a certain factor forces it to behave unnaturally. Forex moving average trading helps determine the buying and selling signals depending on the estimated trend.

The shape of Moving Average line and why is it important?

  • With a change in prices, the moving average changes its shape with rise/fall in prices. So in a period of boom, expect the trend line to be rising. This also means that you get different levels of support and resistance levels.

  • Note that the degree of responsiveness of the price against time determines the shape of moving average line. Moving average forex is trend based, that is you can clearly find the direction of the trade and determine your price accordingly.

  • This helps you determine the strategies that you will use. It is important to note that a highly fluctuating currency pair will have a curvier trend line than a less fluctuating pair. This, in turn, helps to determine the Forex moving averages best.

  • This also helps determine your timing into the market. The exponential moving average line is used for determining short-term trends; say 26 days or even 10 days. Recall using an Ichimoku indicator which uses a 26 period (days) Moving average line.

Concluding Statement:

One of the most widely used indicators in currency trading, Moving average Forex helps determine a particular value from past period data. This can help estimate the future trend. Like any other average, more the number of data included in calculation, lesser will be the effect on of one particular price.

This will help determine the appropriate price levels to the nearest possible degree. Moving average Forex can be used singly or in a combination with other indicators for estimating the future trend.

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