Forex price action signals

Veterans are of the opinion that trading is subjective and no two traders might get similar trade results even if they start with the same investment. This depends on trading skills, practice and the ability to denote price actions. What professional traders often consider as the ‘zones of opportunity’ are actually price action signals which denote potentially beneficial zones of profits. But there are more than a few things which you need to consider first. Forex price action signals denote the support and resistance levels which indicate when and where to initiate buying or selling.   

Remember that forex price action trading signals deals with understanding trends with nothing else but the price. So in case you are worried about trade signals or where to enter trade, you may refer to the 4 points which define how daily chart diagrams help in a thorough understanding of trading behavior.

4 tips on using forex trading signals together with price action:

  • Analyzing market structure: 

At times, markets tend to be stagnant while at most other times, they tend to be glutting like never before. All that traders are interested in are the trends that price movements generate at every moment. These past data analysis help in understanding the future strategies.

Hence as a thumb rule, consider the market condition as the basis to price movement. Changes in market structure may cause breakouts or reversals. Forex signals based on price action highlight the technical aspect of price action; say using MACD or Bollinger bands.  

  • Positioning: 

Traders often complain of losing huge amounts of money in inappropriate positioning. This again comes down to the point of predetermining the market structure. This implies that strategy sets for bullish markets are not applicable for bearish markets. It is a high risky situation to reverse trading actions. If you buy high at increasing prices or sell low at decreasing forex signal price, you may be too optimistic.  

  • Trade swings and technical analysis:

Support and resistance levels are already of primary importance to traders when they are willing to trade on previous data. The old support and resistance levels may serve as post breakout support and resistance levels depending on the level of swing. You can simply identify Forex price action signals with the help of candlesticks and their wick positioning.

  • In your time of need:

Psychology plays a role in affecting the mindset of potential forex traders. Apart from forecasting and scalping techniques, time factor is of premier importance to traders. Although some are of the opinion that longer time spans imply larger risks, others find it hard to trade in short time spans. Using the most effective Forex price action signals involves dealing with risky trades with variable frequencies.


Veterans always recommend analyzing the charts very carefully to avoid discrepancies arising out of incomplete information usage.  However, over analyzing charts and price signals may look clumsy and it may be difficult to analyze patterns as well. If you are dealing with forex price action signals, make sure to pre-strategize your positions maximize your profit making.

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