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Improve your performance using the services of professional signal providers. Not only do they help in correctly forecasting the market conditions, but also tell you when and how to base your trading decisions on past currency performances. The premium services of Forex signal factory help in providing both long term and short term signal services to traders. This saves their time and money and provides an incentive to trade in the future with more precision. Additionally they educate potential traders on the importance and usage of their services using tutorials and live news information.

Live Forex signals:

As far as current data is concerned, expert services from Forex signal factory provides a detail insight on the importance of positioning and the trend. Take the example of USD/JPY for the month of September 2016. Research shows an upward trend which has been following an upward trend since some months.

Note that experts from this signal service are of the opinion that although they predicted a bearish movement originally, it vanished. Rather the price settled and corrected itself thanks to several positive factors. Research also shows that the trend reached the target pricing to as far as 1.031 (taken as 103.1 because of inclusion of JPY)!

Gold prices losing momentum?

Apart from currencies, services from Forex signal factory also take the prices of precious metals like gold into account. The prices of these precious metals are calculated in terms of USD and represented as XAU/USD. In the view of recent prices, gold has been losing its momentum although retaining its high prices as compared to USD.

Experts are of the opinion that although gold shows a bearish trend, a reversal in its trend is impossible. Gold has failed to reach the first target that traders marked. But does not necessarily ring a death knoll for gold traders!

Availability of Forex factory forex signals services:

Just like most of the signal service providers, experts at forex signal factory help in predicting prices over a wider range. Veterans are of the opinion that only a paid signal service can correctly predict the direction of the trend.  You have to look out for trend reversals or swings and oscillations.

For this they make use of certain indicators like Stochastic to determine the highest highs and lowest lows. A detail statistical and regression analysis helps in mining the trend with precision. While most of the signal services provided by Forex signal factory are available free of cost, their premium sets of signals require subscription.

Probable benefits of using services from Forex signal factory:

Signal services aid in estimating the direction and strength of the trend that traders deal with. The efficiency of a signal service depends on:

  • Rate of effective signals per unit time.

  • Ease of access in understanding and taking decisions based on reports.

  • Allowance of concentrating more on trading rather than other lesser important factors.

  • Accurate market forecast and detailed reviewing of signal updates using charts and various diagrams.

  • Takes care of anomalies and potentially unstable situations like abrupt fluctuations.


As a thumb rule, experts recommend on checking the reviews of a particular signal service before trying it for trading purposes. This reduces the asymmetry between what traders want and what they get. Use premium signaling services from Forex signal factory and trade like a pro!

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