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26.04.2018  15:40
Marshall Gittler's Market Outlook: EUR up as Draghi remains confident; BoJ meeting
Written by  Marshall Gittler

Market participants spent much of the day waiting to see what would come out of the ECB. In the even...

26.04.2018  13:31
Yen Setting Bears Up
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Trade conflicts escalation and the increase in Forex volatility may lay a ground for the restoration...

26.04.2018  10:06
Dollar Playing with Bonds
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Treasury yields growth can be a part of the White House plan

26.04.2018  09:20
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 26.04.2018
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Oil sellers renewed Monday’s low and again tested the key support to the trend [67.40 – 67.19]

26.04.2018  07:51
Marshall Gittler's Market Outlook: USD up again as US yields keep rising; ECB meeting
Written by  Marshall Gittler

USD had another up day – and EUR had another down day, the converse – as the 10-year US...

25.04.2018  13:26
Analysis for DSHBTC, ZECBTC, XMRBTC - for Privacy Fans, Especially!
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

Forecast for TOP 3 most anonymous cryptocurrencies. Which cryptocurrency to buy and at what levels?...

25.04.2018  12:38
1-2-3 Pattern: Easy to Hard
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Classic and other approaches to the popular reversal pattern

25.04.2018  09:53
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 25.04.2018
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Gold sellers are trying to consolidate below the key support to the middle-term uptrend

25.04.2018  09:10
Will Euro Regain its Footing?
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Eurozone economy’s slowdown will hardly turn the ECB into a pessimist

25.04.2018  07:54
Marshall Gittler's Market Outlook: GBP up on M&A talk, CHF down on momentum selling; US oil inventory data
Written by  Marshall Gittler

After several days of volatile FX markets, currencies yesterday moved within quite a limited range.

24.04.2018  15:34
Analysis for BCHUSD: the mean beacon attracts to reefs
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

The spring came, and, like everything in nature, altcoins woke up. Bitcoin Cash is ahead of all! Wil...

24.04.2018  12:22
Pound put the hawks in a cage
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

The change in the rhetoric of the Bank of England has knocked down the GBP/USD bulls

24.04.2018  11:10
Crypto currency exchange hacks: history, causes, and effects
Written by  Oleg Tkachenko

The history of crypto currency exchange hacks and attacks: losses, consequences, conclusions

24.04.2018  10:44
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 24.04.2018
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

For oil, the main selling scenario worked out, and the short-term trend reversed upwards. Look for p...

24.04.2018  09:52
Dollar: Shorts are Too Expensive!
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Speculative short positions for USD become too costly due to the Treasury yields growth

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