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12.12.2017  10:03

The first try of EUR/USD bulls to storm the resistance at 1.1805-1.1815 failed

12.12.2017  08:47
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Oil reached local target and continues rising

12.12.2017  08:01

After yesterday’s light schedule, we have a more substantial roster of events today. 

11.12.2017  13:52
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

Some time ago I started studying harmonic patterns, book by Scott Carney “Harmonic Trading” proved t...

11.12.2017  12:40

Major liquidity providers are contemplating whether they should be joining crypto currency trading o...

11.12.2017  09:57

Until EUR/USD doesn't storm the resistance at 1.1805-1.1815, bears’ positions look strong

11.12.2017  08:43
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

On Monday, oil trading was opened with a gap. Now its quotes are approaching the zone of good buy pr...

11.12.2017  08:26

USD is opening little changed overall. Friday’s better-than-expected nonfarm payroll figure ha...

08.12.2017  16:31
08.12.2017  16:27
08.12.2017  16:18
08.12.2017  16:12
08.12.2017  15:39
Written by  Alex Geuta

The price is likely to fall under correction

08.12.2017  12:17
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

Bitcoin, an old goose, went crazy and is willing to break all the speed records for growth. With suc...

08.12.2017  10:02

Successful test of support at 1.175-1.1755 will make EUR/USD correction more likely

08.12.2017  08:41
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Commodities are trading in the downtrends today. Will the data from the USA influence the situation?...

08.12.2017  08:25

The key FX market development over the last 24 hours was obviously the surge in GBP amidst reports t...

07.12.2017  16:17

Overnight, Japan announces its second and final revision of Q3 GDP (well, final for the time being &...

07.12.2017  14:00

The implementation of the tax reform in the US can push USD/JPY up to 115 and higher, but it is unli...

07.12.2017  10:07

As long as EUR/USD are below 1.1845, bears continue controlling the situation

07.12.2017  08:48

USD gained following the ADP employment report. The report came in exactly as forecast at 190k. Ther...

07.12.2017  08:36
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Oil middle-term trend reversed downwards

06.12.2017  16:00
06.12.2017  14:42

Forming USD/CAD positions depending on the results of the December BoC meeting

06.12.2017  10:26

Well, that didn’t last long! The boost to AUD from the Reserve Bank of Australia’s more...

06.12.2017  10:05

EUR/USD long-term prospects remain “bullish”

06.12.2017  08:48
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Metals are trading in the downtrend. We see a local correction now

05.12.2017  12:49

If London decides to grant Northern Ireland a special status, Wales and Scotland will want similar p...

05.12.2017  10:15

Investors don’t rush to buy dollar, however, euro also doesn't have new drivers

05.12.2017  08:15
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Analysis of oil, according to margin zones, indicates players’ uncertainty about short-term trend

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