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Jana Kane

About myself: I am the editor-in-chief and the project manager of LiteForex trader blog. I like the word and the deed.

Interests: Traveling, foreign languages, macroeconomics and cryptocurrencies.

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Education: the Master’s Degree in Macroeconomics and International Business. I graduated from EBSI and Manhattan Institute of Management.

Career: I started working in LiteForex client support in 2009. Since 2013, I have been independently developing broker content, learning something new all the time, sharing my ideas and thoughts about Forex- and trading-related topics, managing the content translation into over 30 foreign languages. I invest in cryptocurrencies. I trade in Forex only in order to better understand its system and processes.

In LiteForex trader blog, I carefully select the materials to be published, cooperate with authors and make the blog accessible in six world languages. I review the key macroeconomic events for the upcoming week and analyze their likely influence on the financial markets.

Alex Geuta

About myself: I am an independent analyst and trader.

I specialize in technical and Elliot wave analyses. In trading, I pay special attention to wave analysis, corrected to macroeconomic indicators and the Fibonacci retracement and extension analysis.

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Education: A degree in Economics, specialized in business, trade and exchange.

Experience in trading: I have been trading in Forex since 2008. Since 2013, I have been focusing on Forex analysis. Since 2015, I have been analyzing the Russian economy and the US stock market for various trader portals.

In LiteForex trader blog, I publish weekly wave analysis and forecast for USD, CAD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF and gold.

Alex Rodiоnov

About myself: I am an independent analyst, a trader and an asset manager.

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Career: I have been trading and analyzing financial markets since 2013. I specialize in technical analysis for Forex and commodity markets. My analysis is based on the correlation between the futures market and the spot market (margin zones). I trade such instruments as: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GOLD, WTI. I develop and hold webinars to teach practical trading and theoretical basics of trading strategies.

In LiteForex trader blog, I publish daily articles and video reviews, to conduct technical analysis for oil and precious metals, based on my own methodology.

Artem Shashkov

About myself: I am a system trader, a coach and an analyst.

I think substantial success in any business (including trading) is possible only provided deep self-understanding and hard work on your thinking. I prefer technical analysis.

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Education: A degree in Economics.

Experience in trading: I trade on Forex and РТС (Forts) platforms.

I apply my own trading strategy of decision-making that I always try to improve. As inputs, I use only the prices, and as a tool, I apply only horizontal levels. The strategy can be scaled to any timeframe; however, I, personally, prefer day trading. I think that any attempts to theoretically explain, and, as a result, to predict the price moves (starting from the lunar phase influence and finishing with fashionable modern theories about the big traders and the crowd) are just an illusion. Their performance can’t be checked, and so, this results in distraction from the essence and creating some extra unnecessary informational load.

In 2012-2013, I started trading and failed to develop my own indicator strategy so that indicators would predict the future price direction.

In 2013-2014, I actively studied theory of technical analysis (candlestick patterns, Price action, Elliot waves, horizontal and sloped levels, and a whole lot of textbooks on this topic), and risk management as well. I made quite a successful try (trading “around 0") to develop a simple trading system, based on Price action patterns in the daily timeframe.

In 2014-2017, I held on-line webinars for LiteForex and simultaneously studied all the peculiarities of trading based on horizontal levels, the theory of market auction and tested a few trading methodologies. At the same time, worked hard to eliminate “instinctive", that is non-system trading decisions, and quite succeeded.

Since 2016 until now, I have been trading consciously and systematic, based on my own trading system and risk management rules. I regularly test new trading ideas to improve my system’s performance.

I also provide individual consulting to those, who want to start trading independently. I help them see the right direction for the further development and understand what is essential trading and what is extra and useless.

In LiteForex trader blog, I publish my studies in trading, aiming at helping beginner traders see and realize the studied situation in general, to avoid applying useless tools in their trading.

Dmitri Demidenko

About myself: I am an independent analyst and trader

Education: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking and a Master’s degree in Finance, Money Calculation and Credit.

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Career: I have been into the market analysis since 2010. I worked with Investcafe (2011-2017), I have been working with retail forex brokers, including LiteForex, since 2012. I publish analytical and educational material. I prefer fundamental analysis (Forex, precious metals, oil), combined with Harmonic patterns. I have been a trader since 2004, and an asset manager since 2014.

In LiteForex trader blog, I publish daily analytical articles on foreign exchange rate analysis. I also regularly present video reviews “Forex in Crosshairs", where I cover the economic highlights of the week and analyze their effect. My section “Forex No Tie" is worth your special attention. There, I write about the hottest financial issues and dwell on them, share interesting trading information in an easy, entertaining manner.

Gleb Kabanov

About myself: I am an analyst and a managing trader.

I've adapted John Murphy’s intermarket technical analysis to contemporary conditions and widely apply it. I trade and invest, based on the method of analyzing trader positions, reported by COT CFTC, developed by Larry Williams, and the dynamics of options as well. I'm an expert in classical technical analysis of the financial markets and cryptocurrencies.

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Experience in trading: I’ve been trading and investing in the financial markets since 2006. I specialize in Forex, commodities and stocks, investing into stock assets, ETF, MIF and precious metals. I monitor the policy of central banks, study and implement investment ideas.

In LiteForex trader blog, I publish video reviews on two topics: multi-factor analysis of currency pairs, whose situation should be studied; and educational video lessons on trading, where I explain trading strategies.

Marshall Gittler

About myself: I am a fundamental analysis expert and trading consultant.

I especially prefer the Asian financial markets.

Career: over 30 years of analyzing exchange rates and stocks. I have extensive experience in researches for leading investment banks, such as UBS, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America и Deutsche Bank as well as for retail brokers.

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I was regularly invited to Bloomberg TV as an expert. I have experience in managing investment teams in collegial and co-operative banks.

I conduct deep financial studies and train traders to help them take better trading decisions.

In trader blog, I publish daily reviews, to cover main macroeconomic market events and conduct fundamental analysis for major currency pairs, stock indexes and international corporation equities.

Mikhail Hyipov

About me: I am a crypto analyst and a crypto trader.

Seek to continuously grow, develop myself and sharpen the “axe" (Stephen Covey).

I like meeting intelligent and educated people, but as for personal features, I most of all appreciate humanity and kindness.

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Education: A degree in Economics, MBA

Interests: Study of cash flows, search for investment opportunities and the ways to multiply my capital; development of economic and business models; development of trading strategies and systems; ICO audit; technical and fundamental analyses.

Experience in trading: Since 2007. Forex platforms; Moskovskaya Birzha (MMVB), cryptocurrency

In trading, I apply a combination of fundamental and technical analyses, monitor the activity of big market participants, and analyze the market conditions in all timeframes, from two months up to 5 minutes.

I prefer position trading, trading in the trend, QFL.

I've been conducting free online training and sharing my trading experience with thousands of subscribers since 2017.

I have been trading cryptocurrency since 2014. I have witnessed the most dramatic cryptocurrency crashes and saved my deposit.

Achievements: I'm regularly included into the top lists of daily, weekly and monthly ratings of crypto analysts.

Target: TOP-10 in global rating of cryptocurrency analysts.

For LiteForex trader blog, I publish the daily cryptocurrencies analysis and educational articles on trading instruments, adapted to cryptocurrency pairs.

Oleg Tkachenko

About me: I am a risk-manager, a trader and an economic analyst with practical work experience in large financial structures.

Education: A degree in economics (The Academy of Banking).

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Career: over seven years of working in credit risk management. Over three years of experience in analyzing global commodity, foreign exchange, stock markets and also the markets for non-standard investments (cryptocurrencies, hypes, crowdlending). I make reviews, write blogs, study trader psychology.

Experience in trading: I have been trading (MMVB, Forex and options) since 2014. I prefer trading stocks and ETF.

Achievements: I like to prove my knowledge and experience in practice, rather than to boast about my success

In LiteForex trader blog, I analyze cryptocurrency instruments and their price trends. I look for patterns and regularities, assess fundamental factors and share my conclusions and discoveries with the blog readers. I publish reviews, where I share my experience and ideas about trading strategies, as well as study the materials, useful for traders.

Artem Parshin

About myself: I am an independent trader, an analyst and an asset manager. I am a university teacher with many years of experience and my own original methodology.

Education: A degree in Economics, specialization in Finance and Banking.

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Career: I started trading in 2006. Since then, I have been actively trading stocks and foreign exchange

2010-2015. I was quite a successful author in the popular trader blog "SmartLab". I repeatedly took part in the main manager contest, held by the Moscow exchange MMVB.

2012-2014. I was giving lectures in the international UBS Investment Finance Academy.

2014-2015. I was managing assets in the Share4you system.

Since 2017 until now I have been managing assets in the Social trading system.

I have been trading Forex since 2006.

I have been trading stocks since 2012.

In 2014, I started trading in the FORTS futures and options market.

I developed three original strategies. I mostly prefer technical analysis.

In 2018, I was selecting individual traders for DL IT company.

At present, I conduct training courses for traders and investors in LF School.

I am always happy to offer you useful recommendations and teach you all the peculiarities of successful trading.

In LiteForex trader blog, I publish articles, covering two areas: educational posts for beginners and analytics, based on my own original trading system “TDS".

Roman Onegin

About myself: I am an independent analyst and trader

I specialize in classical Elliott wave analysis.

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Work experience: I got familiar with Forex in 2008 and studied different types of technical analysis. I had studied quantum analysis for a few years but, having discovered drawbacks in the method, started looking for a more efficient way of analysis. That is how I learnt about wave analysis. I have been analyzing the foreign exchange market by means Elliott wave patterns since 2012.

In LiteForex trading blog, I publish daily articles and video reviews about wave analysis of major cryptocurrencies.

Andrew Sulga

About myself: I am a trader and a philologist by training, I used to publish my own print newspaper.

Experience in trading: I started trading in 2005. I achieved my first trading success when euro was losing in value due to the rejection of the Euro constitution in France and the Netherlands. I took my “trial by fire" in 2008 during the dramatic crash of the stock market.

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I succeeded in the equity market. I increased my account by 40 times without much risk in 2009. I seldom trade in Forex or commodity market. In forex trading I prefer “exotic" currencies, they sometimes devalue quite fast. I think Jack Schwager to be my teacher, as his methodology suited me. I'm planning to write my own book about trading.

In LiteForex trader blog, I write about my ideas about the foreign exchange and stock markets, share my experience and knowledge, cover topics, popular among beginners and explain the basics.

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