The motto "America first!" might become a serious problem for the Americans themselves

It’s time for a new bit of forex analysis with humour. I can’t but mention Trump’s policy

President Donald Trump not only brings chaos to the world financial markets, but also clearly abuses power. This is the conclusion American congressmen are increasingly coming to when they cannot find a single explanation for the policy pursued by the White House leader. Not only do trade wars stimulate the growth of prices inside the US at the expense of import duties, which hurts the consumers' wallets, they also threaten to deprive Americans of jobs due to the transfer of production to other countries.

Forex trading with such a leader of the White House is getting a really exciting business for traders and speculators, as any piece of fundamental news, released by Trump, can completely transform the entire meaning of technical analysis for currency pairs


"Do not you understand us, Mr. President?"
"I'm not even trying."

While during the election period at the end of 2016, Trump's opponents were not shy about criticizing his mental abilities, now few people dare to speak on this topic. And not because it's about the head of state. The policy pursued by the leader of the White House resembles a puzzle with a transparent goal. Reducing the negative balance of the United States trade balance by moving to free trade. So what if they need to crush other countries with tariffs. This is love: she threw a snowball at him, he buried her in the snow. The Germans are already ready to cancel their 10% tariffs on the import of cars from the States if only the Americans do not punish them with 25% duties.

The fact that Donald Trump campaign is a supporter of free trade is also expressed by the representatives of the American administration. Chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow calls the president a free trader whose goal is to eliminate tariffs. Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin argues that the States simply react to previously imposed import duties by other countries. The White House is against any restrictions. However, whatever one may say, the wind blows where the weathercock is looking.

President Donald Trump 2018 is no longer called a madman, a destroyer in the worst case. And this is a direct proof of his progress. Alas, but good intentions under the slogan "America first" may eventually put a heavy burden on the shoulders of the Americans themselves. The trade war will put an end to that economic miracle, which became a reality thanks to the tax reform.

The States are clearly reveling in their might, threatening China with tariffs of $200 billion. The Celestial Empire is unable to respond because the US imports are smaller than the announced amount. It does not have enough ammunition. However, Cupid, when he ran out of arrows, stabbed the lovers with a knife. So Beijing promised to brighten up the life of non-residents from the States. Let their headache now.

Pressed against the wall, China is ready for negotiations. It has made promises, shook hands, nodded its head in agreement in the past. And then did the same as before. Should the US to use the principle "trust everyone - and you will eventually stumble upon an honest person"? I think they are not ready for this. Washington is like a greedy mosquito. It closes the window so the others wouldn't fly in. Is China preparing to share its own market in favor of Europeans? No, it's better that we remove the tariffs under the guise of free traders, but we'll still get our piece of the pie!


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US trade wars: the road to hell is paved with good intentions

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