Forex materials for beginners

Training materials and relevant information on the basics of Forex trading. The materials in this section will help you master the Forex market faster than you can imagine.

16.01.2018  16:25
Using indicators in trading. How to do it and why?
Written by  Artem Shashkov

This article is about a typical, rather naive look at the price chart, which is characteristic of be...

15.01.2018  18:40
What is Ethereum and how to invest in crypto currencies
Written by  Oleg Tkachenko

Everything you wanted to know about Ethereum: its peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages. How...

08.01.2018  18:48
The basics of support and resistance levels trading
Written by  Artem Shashkov

This time, we will study the basics of support/resistance levels trading and find out, whether this...

05.01.2018  18:05
Trend is your friend....but for how long?
Written by  Artem Shashkov

Let’s talk about trends! I’m going to share my experience and to speak about common mistakes of begi...

22.12.2017  18:59
What is the connection between the exchange hacks and the fall of the crypto currency market?
Written by  Oleg Tkachenko

The reasons for the collapse of the crypto currency market: the bankruptcies of exchanges and the ma...

19.12.2017  18:57
Speculative gold trading through a broker
Written by  Andrew Sulga

In the article, I will describe the ways to make profits in the gold market. I will also tell about...

15.12.2017  16:38
Is Forex worth your time?
Written by  Jana Kane

Independent trading or social trading? Two modern ways of making profits from online currency tradin...

13.12.2017  09:50
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 13.12.2017
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Traders attention is drawn to the Fed Interest Rate Decision

08.12.2017  17:18
06.12.2017  17:00
Where is it better to invest $3000 to make more profits?
Written by  Jana Kane
06.12.2017  09:48
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 06.12.2017
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Metals are trading in the downtrend. We see a local correction now

25.11.2017  18:30
How to choose a reliable broker
Written by  Andrew Sulga

How to distinguish a broker from a dealing center?

17.11.2017  17:37
Forex training. Is education worth spending money?
Written by  Andrew Sulga

Trading attractiveness is constantly growing, as well as the number of instructors, who are ready to...

10.11.2017  20:01
SegWit2x hard fork: to be or not to be, that is the question
Written by  Jana Kane

Bitcoin fell by more than $1000 over the past two days amid the news of the cancellation of SegWit2x

08.11.2017  16:20
Safety on Forex
Written by  Jana Kane

How to provide your trading account safety and secure your digital life

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