Benefits of the new bonus program “Bring a friend 3.0”

Who can become a member of the bonus program "Bring a friend 3.0"?

First of all, the bonus program "Bring a friend 3.0” provides a chance of the additional profits in the Forex market, enabling you to increase trading volumes and extend potential in the currency market.
The program “Bring a friend” is designed for the active traders. However, if you wish to gain profit at Forex without doing trading operations, this program will be interesting for you too. However, mainly this program is for the traders who want to gain profit in addition to trading with the help of the program “Bring a friend 3.0”. By way of attracting new customers to the company, traders sometimes can earn more money than by trading in the market.

General principles of the program “Bring a friend 3.0”

So you already know that participating in this bonus program a trader attracts new clients to the company. For each attracted client (Referral) a trader will receive 10% of the new client’s first deposit. Therefore, 10% of the first deposit of a new Referral will be automatically transferred to your account. But how will the system recognize that a new Referral was attracted by you?
When a trader registers in the program “Bring a friend 3.0", he/she receives a personal referral code. It is called a Referral code and clients attracted by you are called Referrals.

Your task is to distribute referral code among people, your friends and relatives, encouraging them to participate in the program “Bring a friend 3.0" and take advantage of the wide opportunities, which this program offers to the Referrals.

A new Referral just needs to enter your referral code when he/she makes the first deposit on the trading account after the registration. After that, 10% of the Referral’s first deposit will be transferred to your trading account. A deposit of 10% will be also made on the account of a new Referral.

Specifics of the program “Bring a friend 3.0": ECN accounts

Note that only ECN accounts can be used in the bonus program "Bring a friend 3.0". One of the features of ECN trading accounts is the increased protection from non-trading risks and accuracy of quotes.  This is the hi-tech types of the accounts, which are immediately processed in the foreign market. ECN accounts have no constraints in terms of the duration of the transactions and their number. Floating spread helps to minimize costs. Having initial deposit of $500 and participating in the bonus program "Bring a friend 3.0”, you will increase the amount of your account by $50 with each new Referral.

The procedure is simple:

  1. You register with LiteForex
  2. You open ECN account
  3. You confirm your participation in the program “Bring a Friend” by making a deposit of $500 to your account
  4. You receive your personal referral code
  5. You attract a new client- a Referral
  6. A Referral opens  ECN account
  7. A Referral makes a deposit of deposit of $500 and enters your referral code
  8. You receive $50 (10% of $500)
  9. Your Referral receives $50 (10% of  $500)

What will a Referral benefit by registering via your referral code?

In order to attract new referrals to the program you should be able to describe them the benefits, which they will obtain. They will be able to trade currency, precious metals, oil, stock indices and CFD shares on the ECN accounts. ECN accounts are famous for being processed instantly and they also have a floating spread for 0.4 points. In additions to this a referral will receive a withdrawable $50 for his/her first deposit.

A Referral shall clearly understand the benefits, which he/she will obtain after joining a program. First of all a Referral will be able to trade the currencies, precious metals, oil, stock indices and CFD shares on his/her ECN accounts with good liquidity, no conflict of interests, endless choice of trading strategies, instant order execution and floating spread of 0.4 pips.

In addition to all these a referral will receive $50 on the trading account.

LiteForex VIP Club
LiteForex clients can also join VIP club. In this case, special LP points will give you a chance to receive   exclusive products and services. Note that for every new Referral attracted to the program” Bring a friend 3.0" you will receive 140 LP points. Read more about LiteForex VIP Club here.
So you receiver profit from trading at Forex and in addition you can gain additional income by attracting new referrals to the program “Bring a friend”.

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Written by:

Эмма Сарибекян

Экономический обозреватель