“For women intuition stands first in the list, as it is highly developed. A man needs to make market analysis, while a woman just need “to sense” the market, and if she trusts her intuition, in most cases she achieves success”.

Quotations of "famous" female traders


In fact, the vaunted female intuition may help to lose funds, which have been earned with the help of market analysis. Ok, no kidding. Since trading became available everywhere and a female trader can trade even in her own kitchen, volatility in the precious metal market became very high, (if there were no offers from Italian fashion designers at the electronic stock market, who knows what would have happened today with all these British pounds and Chinese Yuan.

So who are all these iron ladies, capable of busting competitors at Forex, just using the power of senses, who confidently get hold of the market using charms and who trade in accordance with the astrological rather than the economic calendar?

If we put it shortly, they are the sexual and money- minded creatures, having ability of strategic thinking.  

"I am not a spring chicken! (I have been in the market for longer than 5 years) As a rule female traders do not act as professional investors (they usually deal with Repo or Fix trading, as this types of operations do not require fast decisions and strategic thinking. There are women traders, hot girls interested in money. When a girl in the office speaks about portfolio it looks cool. Any girl can become a trader, buy-sell, lose, as easy as that and it can continue for long. " 


However, real success in trading on Forex financial markets will require superhuman efforts, if we are not talking about some millionaire’s wife, or else she’ll be ruined by stop losses.

My husband has. Did you have the test at the end of the course?  I have no idea which training you had, but I am pretty sure that the final test is very hard. And my husband was the only one from the whole group of 16 people who passed this text successfully. Then he started to work with forex accounts. It was in 2006. Since last year, he’s been working with his own money only, and I am so proud of his progress - he gets 150-200% profit per year, and I think it can be bigger.

Wife of beloved millionaire


However, in order to achieve their business targets ladies are prepared to trade using their intuition, and even to participate in the crazy affiliate programs proposed by the crazy people with the infinite deposits:


I have received an offer to become a free “intuition” advisor, no payment… Have you ever received the same offer?


There are female traders, who have achieved success at Forex.

Ms. Clara Furze is the first woman who took CEO position at London stock exchange.  She is an example of a typical business-woman who was successful in trading, and finally became the top manager of the stock where she used to trade, due to her outstanding personal qualities.

Clara’s experience shows that she adhered to the following rule in trading:

  • Tough timetable is a must

  • Reasonable risk level and time management is important ingredients of successful trading

  • Trading is just a job, a career and it makes sense to set business hours for it.

Of course, in the community of Forex female traders you can often hear accusing stories from those who failed to survive in the market, they often call it either capitalism or schizophrenia!


The ratio of successful trades versus the losses is 1 to 100. This information is clearly expressed even at Forex the training courses. It is impossible to win all the time. You deposit your money which you will loss sooner or later. In order to avoid all the traps you need to deposit about 200-300 thousand USD, otherwise larger traders will beat you. I have traded and lost $600, they just mounted an internet failure and instead of gaining 2000 USD I lost $600. Fortunately I had enough common sense to stop, although it is really very attractive just to sit at the computer and earn money! If it were not the money I earned by the sweat of my brow, I would have spent it all.   



Anyway, it is well-known that the girls at Forex are the rare phenomena. When a girl enters the community of traders she automatically acquires the status of a treasured companion, receiving a lot of love and adoration.


Once I joined a man’s community of traders and I at once met an eye of all men. As if I was from the other planet! I received such comments as: a girl trader! Don’t make me laugh! I have learnt so many new things about myself! I learnt, for example, that female’s domain is the beauty salon and children! No one cared that I have been in business for 2.5 years! So I decided to retreat. Have you ever had the same experience?!  


Traders particularly like to speak about famous Linda Raschke, who started to analyze chart since she was in high school, and continued to do it even when she was pregnant. She is really obsessed with trading and we can learn from her:

• trading blue chips S&P 500 and NASDAQ, opening from 3 to 7medium term positions per week

• devote a lot of time for analysis and testing, thus, obtaining new commercial and analytical experience

• trade futures for oil, meat, and Eurobonds

• analyze price charts and history of quotes prior to opening positions

Turn your back on the terminal to “sense” the state market. Linda believes in intuition.


Many women at Forex are real desperate housewives, who can suffer losses, but be vigilant and ready that at the attempt of trolling, some of those innocent ladies will use complex strategies and indicators. However, let’s set aside   the gender dimension and remember that the most important aspect for every trader is his/her trading strategy.

You have to decide who you are in the world of trading: a speculative short-term trader or a trader who prefers intraday trading, or may be, you prefer long-term investment, while the skills of the speculative trading at Forex are   required for gaining good trading experience. This is the first step in selecting effective trading strategy. It is also important to choose work environment, approaches to risk and time management appropriate to your goals.  

To people who believe that intuition is the main guide and the key factor in trading at Forex we would suggest to act as a fortune teller and guess when they will lose their deposits. Remember that knowledge, experience and analysis are the main ingredients of success!


Forex and girls

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