Forex learning

Where to start with?

Your interest in trading manifests that you have read plenty articles about it by different authors, on the Internet both, science-based or just popular. It seems that eventually you have arrived to the decision to study the subject from every side. And at this point we would like to direct your attention to the books depicting the basic concept of the Forex market. Why do we recommend these books? 

Because these books are designed in such a way that you will learn to trade step by step, and go to the next stage only after learning the previous one. Of course, some books are better than the others.  You just need to get a recommendation from your broker, as most brokerages have their own online book, which has been developed by the practicing traders. Such books are good because they contain only essential practical things and they do not contain a lot of theory, which terrifies the beginners. Believe me, when you seek further enlightenment on the subject you will find the source and select the most appropriate books devoted to Forex  

You feel the lack self discipline?

Forex learningIf you have a serious problem with self discipline, you should better think and decide if trading is a good occupation for you. As like any other type of work from home, trading requires ability to self organization and self discipline. As long as you have not earned any money just going through training, you do not have strong motivation for self discipline. When you start to earn money and withdraw cash from your account, your desire to work and be your own boss will increase. Therefore, may it is worth trying to develop self discipline. Brokers often offer training of trading skills. Be careful when selecting the correct broker. Trust the brokers with good reputations as it always works.

In addition to the books

All people are not the same: someone prefers to learn from books, for the others it is easier to learn with the help of audio and video training aid.

If the latter is about you we can suggest wide range of webinars devoted to Forex.

As a rule they are prepared by the experts of brokerage companies and uploaded on their channels in YouTube. You can download these Forex training lessons free. Sometimes it is not necessary to download Forex video lessons. You can just watch them online. 

From simple to complex?

We should say that “complex” is a relative concept. With time and practice, you will stop feeling that Forex trading is the same as Chinese characters for you. However, at the moment you should understand the main idea how it works. You shall learn the basic of the theory and start trading on demo account. Later, when you face problems in trading you will be prepared   to find complex solutions. You will grasp complex ideas not as unnecessary information that can blow up your brain, but like a way out of a difficult situation and the way to earn good money.  You will be able to absorb this information and use it in practice. Therefore, we recommend to move on the path from simple to complex with pleasure and with the least possible difficulties.

We wish you progress in training and good luck in trading!

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