How to cash out Bitcoin to Fiat: a review of various methods and a manual. How to transfer money out the crypto exchange accounts and wallets by means of exchangers and payment systems

Cryptocurrency exchanges, cloud services, exchangers, payment systems are all engaged into a huge network, called the Cryptocurrency Universe. Applications and wallets, bank cards, accounts of the digital networks, like WebMoney or Perfect Money, all of them make up a system of depositing, exchanging and withdrawing the money. From this review, you will learn how all market participants interact, how to withdraw Bitcoin from the wallet, and if there are any alternatives to the exchanges and wallets.

How to cash out Bitcoin from the wallet

Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular as a trading instrument, and there are appearing more and more mediators in the crypto market. The difficulty in the interaction between all market participants is that there are no common rules and no common standard. Each crypto exchange works only with certain payment systems; each exchanger supports only a certain set of cryptocurrencies. The way of depositing and withdrawing the money can sometimes be so complex that investors lose much money due to the commission fees, to say the least. There is no standard scheme how to withdraw Bitcoin from a wallet or an exchange account, because the rules in the crypto exchanges are changing all the time: new schemes are appearing, the commissions are changing, and so on. I’m going to suggest a general manual how to withdraw Bitcoin to the bank card; you are welcome to enrich and extend it in the comments.

How to withdraw BTC to bank card and convert it into Fiat currencies

It can seem that it is more reasonable to describe the way of depositing money, rather than withdrawing it. Before you cash out your cryptocurrency to Fiat, it should be somehow deposited into your trading account. And so, it is the easiest to withdraw it in the same way as you deposited it. But, in fact, it is not that simple. First, it is far easier to deposit the money than to withdraw it. For example, you can transfer a payment of almost any appointment from your credit card, but you can’t receive it. Second, the cryptocurrency may be added to the wallet as a result of mining. That is, there hasn’t been the account depositing, in fact.

First, I’ll describe a general scheme of the relationships between all crypto market participants. There are two ways of storing your coins:

  • Wallets. They are a kind of application, software that is installed on a computer. Cryptocurrency is a kind of code that will be recorded in the application (it is a very simplified outline). There are also online wallets, placed on different services, but you’d better utilize only cold ones, downloaded from the official website of the cryptocurrency developers.
  • Accounts on crypto exchanges. An investor is registered and verified on an exchange and tops up the deposit, depending on the options, available on the exchange. For example, you can just transfer Fiat money from your credit card to the banking details, provided by the exchange. Or, you first transfer it to a digital wallet (WebMoney, Perfect Money etc.), and from the wallet, you transfer it to credit card or cash out via a currency exchange store.

How you can withdraw Bitcoins:

  • Transfer it from exchange to wallet;
  • Transfer it from exchange or wallet to credit card via exchanger;
  • Transfer it to card through the exchange;
  • Transfer it from the exchange or a cold wallet to an account in digital payment systems.

How to transfer Bitcoins to Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet

Blockchain (Bitcoin Wallet) is a Bitcoin wallet, proved by time, that allows storing Bitcoins outside the exchange, on your desktop or a mobile gadget. The first step is creating the wallet:

  • go to the official website of the wallet,;
  • select the operating system, you are going to install application to;
  • click “Create new Blockchain wallet”, enter your email address and the password.

You now have the wallet. I’ll describe how to transfer your Bitcoins to the Blockchain wallet on the Exmo example:

  • Convert all the cryptocurrencies, you hold on the exchange, into Bitcoins
  • In the section “Wallet”, by BTC, click “Withdraw”, fill in all the forms, entering your wallet address.

How to withdraw Bitcoin from your wallet: a guideline

Exmo and other exchanges also provide withdrawing the money to digital wallets or directly to a cash card. For example, before you transfer Bitcoins to the bank card, you need to exchange them into U.S. dollars or the currency you need; next, you choose the withdraw method, Visa/MasterCard, and enter the card information. After the transaction has been formed, you’ll receive the confirmation email. The money will be transferred to your card in the period from a few hours to three days since the confirmation.

How to transfer Bitcoins from the Blockchain wallet (Bitcoin Wallet) to the card via exchanger

You can cash out cryptocurrency from the cold wallet with any e-currency exchanger; there are a few hundreds of them. That matter is how to avoid scammers and reduce commission costs. I suggest you use the monitoring website It provides a list of reliable exchangers with the comments by real investors.

How you withdraw BTC to the card:

  • On the left panel, you select a cryptocurrency to withdraw and a particular direction: Visa/MasterCard, QIWI, etc. On the left panel, there will be the list of exchangers that support the transaction.

    How to withdraw Bitcoin from your wallet: a guideline

  • On the exchanger website, you check the reserve available (if you exchange BTC fro another cryptocurrency) and study the FAQ section.
  • You select the exchanger, based on the following parameters: commission fees and exchange rates, official ranking of the exchanger wallet (BL - for WebMoney, TS - for Perfect Money), the mode of exchange (manual, semi-automatic, automatic), and go the website of the exchanger.
  • You must register on the site. Next, you enter the account number or the card number, the money is to be transferred to.

The transaction speed is different. A fast or instant transaction is considered to be within 10-15 minutes; but it may take a few days. By the way, this monitoring provides withdrawing money through exchangers directly from EXMO, avoiding wallets.

How to transfer Bitcoin to a cash card, Visa, MasterCard, and digital wallets

The most common E-wallets are: WebMoney, Qiwi, Perfect Money. You transfer cryptocurrency to e-wallets in the same way as to cold wallets or cards. The differences are whether you need verification at the moment of withdrawing or not, the commission amount and whether an exchange (or exchanger) provides it. The same is with cash cards. On the website of an exchange or exchanger, you select the corresponding option and enter the banking information.

Conclusion. All these methods are quite easy. When you have just learnt about the schemes of the money transfers, you may be confused; but exchanges, exchangers and wallets provide a clear interface, simple, intuitive navigation and instructions for converting. And the general scheme of cryptocurrency withdrawing has been described in the article. But there are still some difficulties, you will sort out after some practice:

1. The more mediators are in the network the higher the risk is to lose your money:

  • Before you transfer the cryptocurrency from the Bitcoin wallet, find out, whether it is available in the payment system itself. For example, PayPal often blocks any transactions in cryptocurrencies. At best, the payment won’t be transferred to the card; at worst, the entire account will be blocked.
  • Check the reliability of the exchangers, you work with. Scammers often pretend to be exchange services. Investors transfer the money, but they don’t get Fiat for various reasons. It can be the topic of a separate article, how to choose the right exchanger.
  • Remember, that crypto exchanges’ accounts can be hacked, or there can be a network failure. And there is nobody to address; there are no courts, regulators or ombudspeople in the cryptocurrency world.

2. The more there are mediators, the more commission fees are. Wallets, exchanges and exchangers work with a certain number of partners. For example, to transfer the money to the card, you may need a chain, like “Exchange- Exchanger A - Exchanger B”. There is often a problem of not how to withdraw Bitcoins from a wallet, but how to do it with minimum risks and costs.

A far more convenient alternative is trading cryptocurrencies in Forex. Brokers usually provide over 12-15 methods to withdraw the money without any side intermediates. Even though, brokers don’t provide withdrawing real cryptocurrency to the wallet, this option is still more reliable and less costly, in terms of commission fees. I suggest you study it in more detail, reading the terms for trading major cryptocurrency pairs on LiteForex website. Crypto exchanges, wallets or Forex: what would you chose for investment?

How to withdraw Bitcoin from your wallet: a guideline

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