Cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android: Functionality, advantages, types

Tell me, could you imagine modern life without a computer or gadgets? Our life has become so active and diverse that we cannot make a step without mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are our reliable aids wherever we may be. They help us keep in touch with the latest news, always stay contactable, earn money, or learn practically wherever there’s Internet. However, any gadget needs an application which would link the user and the operational system. This review will cover the best cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android: their types, functions, benefits, and work rules.

Review of iOS and Android applications for cryptocurrencies

Our world has become so high-tech that we can hardly imagine it without our irreplaceable digital aids. Leaving our desktop computers, we take our tablets, smartphones, e-books - all those things that are useful on the road or at leisure. Mobile devices help us stay in touch where there’s no electricity, follow the current events, read the news and even earn. Even if there’s no Internet, mobile devices can play the role of a reliable safe for storing information, and not only for that.

What you are going to learn about from our today’s review: types of cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android, their functions, tasks and facilities.

The best cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android

Cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android are special programs developed for these operational systems to provide the user-friendliest interface and menu, the best usability, cross-browser compatibility, and adaptivity. They can be also installed onto desktop computers if their functions set provides for this. They can perform various tasks, starting with specific ones and finishing with fully-functional versions of some particular programs.

Facilities and functions of cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android:

  • Fully functional trading. This option is provided through mobile applications of cryptocurrency exchanges (for instance, Binance, Bitfinex) or brokers (for example, LiteForex). Some trading options may be limited, in comparison with trading by use of a desktop computer. However, the available set of options is enough for buying and selling coins or making deposits/withdrawals.
  • Classic exchanger
  • Crypto-portfolio monitoring: follow the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency rates on iOS and Android, follow the rate of a cryptocurrency on several exchanges at the same time, review the change history, control statistic data and news. Great analytical tool.
  • Adaptation of the device’s OS to the exchanges’ set of functions. Only big exchanges (and not all of them) possess mobile trading apps. There are apps which allow connection and trading via API. An example of such apps for Android is ZTrader that allows trading at 17 leading crypto-exchanges.
  • Cryptocurrency storage Cold wallets are mobile apps. They are considered to be one of the most reliable storage means, after hardware analogues. Some apps allow not only storing coins, but also paying for goods and services.
  • Data protection.

Some applications are tailored to specific functions. For example, informing an investor of cryptocurrency-friendly places or serving as a social network. The iOS and Android applications for buying cryptocurrencies are a link between the user and the service (exchanges). Auxiliary apps are rather developed for more comfort and practical use, not for trading and investing.

The best iOS and Android apps for cryptocurrencies:

  • Coinbase (iOS, Android). One of the most popular Bitcoin trading services developed by the exchange of the same name. Only 3 coins are available for trading: BTC, ETH and LTC. According to the developers, the app’s set of functions is even more varied than the exchange’s one. There’s an opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies by credit card or via bank transfer (ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, PayPal cards).
  • LiteForex Mobile trading (iOS, Android). The broker’s app that allows margin trading (speculative buying or selling) in more than 20 cryptocurrency pairs. Out of all the brokers’ mobile devices, this one offers the biggest range of cryptocurrencies. Convenient deposits and withdrawals, user-friendly set of functions, and multilingual support.
  • Blockfolio (iOS, Android). Professional app for controlling a multi-currency investment portfolio. It will be useful for those who use arbitrage strategies, at the same time earning from pumps and intraday trading. The app allows following the rates of nearly 800 cryptocurrencies in iOS and Android and forming the cost of the user’s current assets. The application delivers powerful analytical and graphic tools that help trace the evolution of quotes. The service may be programmed to collect news in the form of related articles from particular sources.
  • Coin Tracking (iOS, Android). Serious professional analytical tool which builds complex diagrams for an investment portfolio, computes realized and unrealized profits and works out the tax base (if someone wishes to deliberately share their profits with the state). Subscription required.
  • TabTrader (iOS, Android). Free trading platform that provides access to such platforms as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, Bitstamp, Huobi, Kraken, or Coinbase. The range of cryptocurrencies is quite narrow: only top coins, plus Namecoin and Stellar. There’s an option of getting news from Reddit and Coindesk online.
  • Bitcoin Map (Android). This app advises a user where to sell or to buy goods for BTC. It represents an interactive map with the list of points of sales equipped with a converter (calculator).
  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget (iOS, Android). iOS and Android application for cryptocurrency rates which can create various widgets (based on the number of currencies, several widgets may be installed). It’s a regular exchanger that supports a few dozens of cryptocurrencies and the user-friendly visualization of information.
  • Xapo (iOS, Android). Multicurrency mobile wallet which allows conducting cryptocurrency exchange operations. It’s notable for its convenience and high safety level. Also, it provides a dedicated debit card which can be used online, in-store, and for ATM cash withdrawals worldwide.
  • BitBuds Mingle (Android). Kind of social network for those who specialize in BTC trading. It’s a multifunctional platform for chatting, starting topics, uploading photos, and exchanging files.
  • Lawnmower (iOS, Android). Analytical service for viewing statistic schemes, market data, and news. There’s an option for investment. Despite being criticized, the application will be interesting for those who only start examining crypto-apps.
  • (iOS, Android). Application similar to faucets. Here you need to be expert in cryptocurrencies and answer questions. You won’t earn loads of money here, but it’s a good option for leisure. Money can be withdrawn solely in ВТС via Bitcoin wallet or Coinbase.

And here are some rules for using iOS and Android crypto-apps:

  1. Safety above all! Remember about Two Factor Authentication to protect your wallets on iOS and Android. Don’t store your passwords on the device itself as it can be lost or hacked. Remember that your password may not always be restored using a seed phrase. Besides a password, activate Fingerprint identification.
  2. Provide for the opportunity to delete all information from your apps remotely.
  3. Beware downloading and installing cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android from unverified sources. It’s recommended to use the apps provided by the developers themselves (specified on some sites). Don’t click unknown links or open unverified files so that your app account isn’t hacked using viruses or fishing.
  4. Don’t neglect antivirus programs. Not long ago, there was an app in the Google Play Store which contained an embedded virus JSMiner. Once launched, the app activated the process of Monero mining. Antivirus options: Avast Mobile Security, KIS.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a feature for assuring security for cryptocurrency wallets on iOS or Android which makes it necessary to provide 2 types of identification for logging into the account. Security layers: personal password and unique code generated by the app. A 6-digit code is generated every 20 seconds. That’s why criminals won’t simply have time to use a code without having access to the mobile device even if they get the code.

Applications that assure the security of accounts using TFA:

  • Google Authenticator (iOS, Android). Standard application that is installed in the first place if a crypto-wallet is attached to the phone. The generation of codes doesn’t require Internet connection. The application can maintain several operators and accounts and be customized through QR codes (camera required).
  • Authy (iOS, Android). Improved version for Two Factor Authentication, yet less popular than Google Authenticator.

Conclusion. This list of iOS and Android mobile apps for cryptocurrencies is far from being complete. The developers never stop and offer traders something new and unique every month. Even if mobile devices cannot replace full-fledged Forex trading, smartphones, tablets and the like are reliable aids of professional investors in anywhere in the world. If you know and use any other interesting iOS or Android apps for crypto-trading, please share your experience with the readers in the comment section below.

Review of cryptocurrency applications for  iOS and Android

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