Why do we need VPS service

Forex vps service provides a remote server, which is popular among traders who use automated systems, such as scripts and advisers in trading. With the help of VPS server a trader    maintains constant contact with an Internet service provider and obtains a reliable uninterrupted power supply for trading.

Modern technologies of vps server provide uninterrupted service and round the clock access to all applications, RAM, hard driver and processor. A big advantage of the service is a remote control over the trading platform and software and hardware systems. A user of vps service can remotely adjust settings of the robots and advisers in order to improve their efficiency.

A trader can choose server parameters after viewing full description of each rate. A Forex broker, providing vps service, guarantees that the speed and the capacity of the applications will be in accordance with a server’s specification. Large brokers offer vps hosting with multi-language interface and support. Standard interface of the Windows Server is very comfortable for a trader who uses a remote server.
Terms and price of renting depend on the rate and selected applications of the server. It is worth noting that the price of vps service is fully justified. For a relatively small price, which is affordable even for a beginner in the market, a trader is secured from external adverse factors, force majeure circumstance, power supply interruptions, malfunction of the router, unauthorized access or emergency failure of a computer, tablet or laptop.

The procedure required for the connection to the remote server is as follows:

  1. In a letter from a service provider you will find IP address of the vps server and an access password. 
  2.  In the start menu go to the folder "accessories" and select “connect to a remote desktop".
  3. In the field "Computer" of the dialog box enter the number of IP address provided by the service provider, and click "Connect”.
  4. In the popped-up icon “Windows server” enter user name and password to obtain access to vps server.  
  5. If a standard Windows desktop is downloaded, it means that the connection to the vps service has been successfully implemented. After that a trader can install additional applications, for example, a trading terminal MetaTrader4. You can do it either from the site of your broker (usually a broker provides free applications), or from the official website of the developer – MetaQuotes company.

Trading advisors, experts and robots will be downloaded and installed in the conventional manner. Applications will be saved in a folder on the desktop and then, downloaded to the terminal. The parameters required for the operation of the automated applications will be set in the terminal. After that advisers and experts will carry out trading operations as required by a trader.

A trader can be completely confident that all programs work perfectly well. He/she can even switch off a computer knowing that the trading terminal with the automated systems on the server will continue to perform its tasks.

As described above, at any time and from any place, a trader can connect to the remote desktop in order to have access to the server with trading terminal, advisers and robots. A trader can also install additional tools and adjust the system for his/her purposes.  
Therefore, vps service is a modern option offered by the large brokers for automated trading with the help of the virtual server. A trader can choose the most attractive rates and features of vps server. Many companies offering vps hosting suggest free testing of this service.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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