How do you rest?

They say, work done, have your fun. Everyone decides independently how to have fun. There are lots of ways, actually. In this article, we are going to talk about the cinema that can make our leisure both pleasant and useful. 

As a rule, people prefer watching feature films. And what if a movie is about investment and financial markets? Then you can both revel in acting and unpredictable plot twists and watch those who you'd like to resemble and whose results you'd like to repeat. And that's wonderful! Because these films do exist, and I'm going to tell you about some of them right now.


How the cinema motivates

Movies can motivate and inspire development. Why is it so? Let's recollect the way we feel when reading a book or watching a good (or not) film. We sympathize with our favourite characters and we hate villains. However, not every character can arouse emotions - that's the key point. As a rule, we react more emotionally to those characters whose personality is somehow close to ours. We may find some of our features in those characters, or those features that we lack but would like to possess. We may make the same mistakes or worry about the same things. All these facts make us closer to the character we like, and everything that happens to the character throughout the film evokes a response in us. And what if this character has the same profession as you? What if he/she has reached success? Then, of course, we grow more confident in ourselves! We're filled with enthusiasm and we're ready to get to business with renewed energy. That's the quality of the cinema this article is about. 

That's why I recommend watching films about investors, investments and successful well-off people off and on. 


What kind of movies should we watch?

I'm going to mention some worthy films and tell you just a bit about them not to provide spoilers. Sure, there are loads of quality films dealing with investments and financial markets, and this list is far from being fully objective. But that's normal. Anyway, you may search the internet and find lots of useful things on the shelves of world cinematography.  So, let's start.

Chasing Madoff

The film is based on the real interview granted by financial analyst Harry Markopolos and his team. It's not a documentary, though. Madoff is a fraudster with a thorough grasp of what investments are about. You gonna like it!


Being able to handle one's emotions is extremely important to becoming a successful investor. In this film, good luck literally falls on the main character, an ordinary trader from Wall Street. See the movie and you'll get to know how he could manage the riches thrust upon him.

Margin Call

You know what Margin Call means, don't you? That's actually the original title of this movie. It's about the crash of financial markets that burst out in 2008 and about how professionals analysed the market and tried avoiding bankruptcy by use of comptuter programs. 

Have fun and be wise, friends! Have good investments everyone!

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