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Our whole life is a game

It's not a secret any longer that apart from being a good pastime, games can be a powerful educational tool.   The modern education system is using games efficiently on both general and professional levels. The so called edutainment is widely spread nowadays: studying and having fun at the same time, who wouldn’t love it? What's more, no special efforts or diligence are involved! The game is enthralling in itself, for both children and adults. Emotional involvement is the main motivation for students, who need to learn information in the process. And there's no room for boredom!

What does Kiyosaki have to do with this?

There's no point in telling future and real investors who Robert Kiyosaki is. The whole world knows that! He's a writer, investor, businessman and simply an intelligent person who became rich at 47 years old. His book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" became a real best-seller. But it's not all! Aspiring to share his knowledge and unique experience, not only does Kiyosaki write books and give lectures, but he also develops computer games. One of those is called "Cashflow". There are 2 versions of the game intended to increase overall financial competence and teach people to deal with money. Besides, there’s a board game of the same name that you can play with your friends. That makes it even more realistic.

Manage the Cashflow!

Cashflow offers you to enjoy money management to the full: you'll have to calculate risks, think over your expenses and investments, and develop new income sources. All methods offered in the game may be implemented in practice, which makes Cashflow extremely helpful. 

Game rules

In the beginning, you can choose your profession and you're offered a stable wage and a dream. All players have equal opportunities, are waged workers and are placed in an inner circle called "Rat race". A player can get out of the rat race, move to the outer "investment" circle and become an investor or businessman by acquiring experience and building up his/her income.  You make decisions, control expenses, perform concrete actions and try getting out of the Rat race to realize your dream in the investment world. Some manage to do so; some need some time to succeed. Anyway, the game process makes you understand the underpinnings for financial competence and develop money management abilities. 

Tips for beginner investors

Why is this game worth trying in case you are not familiar with how cashflows work? The answer is evident: you will acquire necessary skills and priceless experience without risking anything. Even if you have already taken up investing, Cashflow is a perfect way to relax a bit without having to stop training.  

Good trades and victorious decisions to everyone!

Edutainment: investor games

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