When you start reading this, you’ll probably think it’s not about you. You might be financially successful. But is this merit yours? Are you sure that one of the reasons below won't play you a dirty trick tomorrow?

you are so poor your gf hangs out with hoboes

1. You are constantly complaining but you do not act

Do you really think anyone is interested in listening to why you fail all the time? If you want to change work do it! Find a better-paid job where the basement won't stick.

2. Common sense? It's not about you

Tell me how you managed to add 50 km to a 15 km trip. It could work once as anyone makes mistakes. But you can’t systematically fool the ones who pay you!

And what's more important, you fool yourself all the time too. The tale about "smoking the last cigarette with friends and then going home" always turns into popping out for a new packet and beer.

3. You forgot what studying is all about

Do you remember taking so much pleasure in taking apart the motorbike?  You would get it in the neck from your elder brother, but you would not stop. And now? You are too lazy even to look through the instruction to the router! You ask your neighbour to fix your WI-Fi problems and you pay him for that. But you can spend just 2 hours on watching a YouTube step-by-step instruction and do it by yourself!

4. Your laziness will kill you

You have a job. You work honestly from 9 am till 6 pm. So you think you have a right not to do anything when at home. Your girlfriend does all the housework. Since she does not work hard like you. That's why you live on your wage only and pay a third for the rent.  If both of you worked, you would share the housework and earn money for a good wedding within 1 year. And you'd have some money left. But your girlfriend is as lazy as you. And you have lived unmarried in this rental flat for 5 years.  In the meanwhile, your future mother-in-law is renting out the flat bequeathed by the granny to her only granddaughter. Who gets that money? Your harder-working brother-in-law who renovated the flat before renting it out. And you are either tired or ham-handed.

5. You are surrounded by losers

Look around. Who's there? Your girlfriend who put on weight. Your colleagues who are afraid of getting caught stealing.  Your neighbour who borrows money from you to buy some alcohol. Any attempt you’ll make to change your life will be scoffed at. If you manage to become better and earn more, then you will prove that they are losers. As long as you stay where you are, you do not threaten their self-esteem.  And their self-esteem is quite overrated, just like yours.

6. You do not spare what you have

Would you please explain to me how it's possible to ruin a fridge within 3 years? Don't answer, the question is rhetorical.  I remember dragging it to the dump. It just "choked" with dust! Just because no one ever moved it aside to clean the dust. Sure, you are not the one to blame, you did not know. And your girlfriend cannot move it.

But tell me why you did not buy a new phone case right after you dropped your new phone? You don't have money to change the screen. Now you have the latest phone model and a broken screen.

7. You spend money on crap

Just count how much you spend on crap. Cigarettes, crisps, cheap beer. We spend the same money on beer, though. But you call me a rich kid. Just because I prefer draught beer to bottled beer. It costs much more than your trash. What say you start drinking less and buy quality beer?

8. You do not plan

You have holidays-connected problems every summer. You fail to organise a foreign trip that you've been dreaming of for the whole year. For the same reason: money. As a result, you spend your holidays in the countryside. Put by 5% of your wage each month and you'll save money for the trip. It's less than the sum you hide from your wife. Do you have to hide money from your wife? Yes, definitely, you do. Because she does not plan out the budget, just like you. If you have money-you spend it, if you don't have any-you cry. That's about you both. This is how you will become rich, right? By spending all you have got.

9. You save on wrong things

Do you really think that you won't ever have a food poisoning buying discounted expired food? Oops, I forgot - it’s not your fault. Your wife and mother-in-law are to blame. They did not see that the sausage had grown mouldy.

What about your footwear that does not last for long? It usually looks shabby just in a couple of weeks, and you throw it away in 3 months. For some reason, other people's footwear lasts longer. They probably look after it. Or probably they buy quality things. No, that's not the reason, certainly. They are just luckier than you. Aren't they?

10. You don't want to change anything.

Just admit you are satisfied with what you have. You like being poor. Just because you live the way you like it. You are staying in your comfort zone. But any changes require an effort, any changes mean uncertainty. That's why you prefer being poor.


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