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Forex: real money, or...

Instead of thinking about whether or not Forex is a scam, use your brain to find out what Forex has to offer and what suits you the best. As a rule, people who doubt that one could really earn from Forex trading have only heard of currency rate speculation, and that's all. However, everyone can have their piece of cake nowadays as the currency market opportunities are unlimited. Those who aren't into economy or currency fluctuations can try affiliate Forex programs where the main task consists in promoting a brokerage brand.

The more active clients and referrals you bring into the company, the higher your income will be.

The system is fully transparent.  You get a referral link. If a new client registers with the company via your link, he/she becomes your referral. What you earn depends on a type of your affiliate program. You can earn from simply bringing in new clients or you can have a commission on his/her trades. The choice is yours: find out more about the options available at your broker. Commissions are instantly paid into your account. Your income may become passive in time if you opt for the right program.

Partner's site is your main tool

As we've mentioned it earlier, new clients have to go to your site before they can use your referral link. The efficiency of your site will determine whom a prospect will choose - yourself or another person. The design is normally brokerage companies’ responsibility. They provide free affiliate site templates.  But the site needs to be found on the Internet. Let's speak about it in detail.

How to create an affiliate site?


  • First and foremost, you need to give it a name. In real life, when you've made your home somewhere you have an address. In the virtual world, this address is termed "domain name" - that's what you see in the address line. For example,  I'd advise you to choose “ru”, “com” zons as it will be easier to promote such sites. A domain name does not cost too much - as little as a 30 dollars a year. Choose a registrator and start registration. The procedure is quite simple and even somewhat familiar. Use your real data. You'd better not enter fake ID information as it may turn out badly in future. And, what's the point unless you plan to break the law? So, you've chosen a vacant name (it must be as easy to reproduce as possible without many punctuation signs) and registered it. Congratulations! Let's move on.
  • To store your possessions and yourself, so to say, you need a home.  The site has something to store too, so it also needs a home. This home will be called "hosting". Roughly speaking, your site is made of many files stored on a huge hard desk (hosting) whose main task is to be always turned on so that you could easily access the files, i.e. the site. However, hosting services collapse from time to time. If it happens, you'll see "The site is temporarily unavailable" notice while attempting to visit the site. So, choose a hosting service and link your domain name to it. Then the template (a set of files) received from your broker needs to be uploaded. If you enter the address into the search box, you'll see your affiliate site in the way your broker intended it to be. 
  • But it's not all! To efficiently use the site as an administrator, a good content management system (CMS) is required.  It allows you to change the site content, add and delete information without knowing too much about coding.  Since you are not a programmer, you may botch the job. That's why special frames have been developed for ordinary users that allow them to see and change contents within a design shell. There are lots of CMSs too. I can recommend WordPress, but you can choose any other. 


Is that profitable?

Affiliate Forex programs
Just think: you don't have to invest in an affiliate program, unlike traders who need some start money to increase it later. You only need to buy a domain name and hosting, which is dirt cheap. The rest depends only on your work efficiency. What's next, in fact? You need to promote your site. Today's free marketing methods offer a wide choice and they are hardly inferior to paid ones.  But paid methods, contextual advertising for example, don't demand high expenses either, if customized correctly.  Anyway, that's 30 dollars at most.  You can make bigger investments of course, if you wish so. But social network communities, blogs, or YouTube videos represent the powerful leverage to attract interested customers onto your site. Next, you get your profit percentage from your broker. If you adjust your system correctly, your only task will be to update the contents from time to time. However, many brokers provide automatically updated templates, so that you can enjoy your passive income with least effort.  

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How to create partner's site? Does it yield profits?

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